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Clovia Coupons & Offers: Get Up To 70% Off Discount Coupons | May 2024

Lingerie has always been talked about in hushed voices in our country. It is a pain for women to shop from neighborhood lingerie stores which generally leads to awkward and embarrassing situations.

It all started when we noticed how we never found bras of our size or fit at our local lingerie stores. What was a causal observation at first, slowly became a movement as more like-minded women endorsed the idea – yes, ladies inner wear in India left much to desire.

Undergarments largely are sold from small stores across India and mostly under a male gaze. Women could not ask what they wanted or worst still, most did not know their correct size. There was an absolutely lack of understanding of buying bra or undergarment that fits as per your bust shape.

Till recently, only vanilla options existed in the lingerie category and anything which offered even a little bit extra by way of solution, design or fashion was exorbitantly expensive.you can get high discount on clovia with clovia coupons and Clovia offers

We felt that the evolution of the undergarment category had not kept pace with the fast-changing outerwear fashion and there existed a major gap in lingerie for women in India. Upon deeper research, we found that the existing distribution channels restricted the availability of the right sizes and the flow of customer feedback back to the lingerie brands, leading to a lack of innovation and variety.

We realized that online could be a great platform for women to pick the right size and fit of undergarments from the privacy of their homes with the right assistance.

It was also a great channel for us to understand the complex needs of Indian women divided by seasons, fashion choices, size, and undergarments requirements. With the expansion of internet penetration in the country, online shopping in India becoming a way of line and the already existing gap in the lingerie business, the stage was set for us. We decided to take the plunge into the world of lingerie and Clovia happened! We started in 2013 and since then there has been no looking back.



Clovia is a full-stack lingerie brand, which controls every part of its supply chain from what we call as mind-to- wardrobe. We design in-house, hand-pick our raw materials and manufacture in controlled exclusive facilities, ensuring 4 levels of quality controls and we sell through a host of sale channels.

Every product we create is first made in small quantities, monitored via a state-of-the-art backend technology, which predicts future sales (based on sales patterns and customer feedback) and recommends what further styles and quantities should be produced.

This leads to a true fast fashion brand that is low on cost (as the middlemen are cut out), high on consumer appeal (thanks to our 100+ years of combined design experience in-house), super-efficient on inventory and built completely on consumer feedback.

The cost that we save due to these efficient practices is transferred back to our customers in the form of a premium product that is affordable as well.


Clovia has been built on 3 pillars that help us be different from other lingerie brands:

  1. In-house designing and production lead to strict control of quality.
  2. Smart technology
  3. Improvising based on customer feedback

Our in-house design team works endlessly to create & innovate products that are high on style and comfort. We import fabrics, laces, and satins from different parts of the world but focus on manufacturing in India.
Clovia’s USP is the variety of styles that we offer our customers. We launch 200+ styles per month and more than 75% of our inventory is less than 30 days old so the customer has fresh styles to choose from whenever she visits!

Today besides online, Clovia is nationally present in all leading chains and our exclusive retail outlets across the country – where you can try and buy at your convenience. Our online channel ensures a no-questions-asked return policy to help you choose your right fit.

Celebrating curves with a solution-based approach to a girl’s wardrobe from casual to work to sexy lingerie, Clovia today has extended its range from bras and panties to a host of other categories like sleepwear, loungewear, shapewear, swimwear as well as girls' innerwear.

Clovia the brand stands for Joy. Our core thesis is to help our customers find joy in the little ways we can. We believe that if, with our colors, comfort, and fashion, we are able to add a little joy to a woman’s lingerie experience and let her begin her day right, we think our job is DONE! So what are you waiting for? Go #FindYourJoy!