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This privacy policy controls the rights and influences the use of AapkaBazaar (online shopping offers, deals, discount coupons). This website is owned as well as operated by Mahadev Traders. The main service of this website is to provide the best deals, discount offers and coupons that are offered by the third party e-commerce service providers in India. All the required information is dependent on service. The coupons provided might use the user's data to protect, improve and maintain the services (inclusive of advertisement services) and to develop the new services. Any information of such sort is not considered sensitive because it is available without restraint. Also, it is accessible by the public domain and is provided in consideration to the Right to Information Act, 2005. All the rules made under this law are stated to be true and hold the power of performing necessary actions.

What data does the website use? How is this information obtained?

The Information Provided By the User

The website collects the information or data you fill in when you register and use the website. It is optional for the user to register on the website. However, it is essential to note that you might not get to use or see some features provided by the website until you register before use. When a user registers with our website and use it, they usually provide information such as (a) Their name, user name, email address, age, password and other such registration data; (b) The information related to transaction, such as when they shop, make response to any of the offers and use coupons provided by us; (c) The information they provide when they contact us for any help; (d) The information they enter into the system while using the website, like contact information (e) The cookies that are stored so as to track down the transaction performed at the portals of third parties. We might also make the use of your provided information for contacting you from time to time to share any important information with you, and to deliver required notices and marketing promotions to you.

The Information Collected Automatically

The website might collect some specific information automatically, that includes, but is not limited to, the unique device ID of your mobile or device, the type of device you are using, the operating system of your mobile, your mobile device's IP address, the type of Internet browsers you are using, and of course, information about how you are using the website.

Does the website obtain precise the information of real time location of your device?

This website does not obtain or collect any precise information related to the location of your device.

Does any third party have access or see the information collected by the website?

Yes. We do share your information with the third parties, but only as mentioned in the privacy statement here. We might disclose the information provided by the user and the information automatically collected: As per the requirement of the law, like complying with any subpoena, or any other similar process; At the time we have belief and have good faith which strengths the fact that disclosing is necessary for protecting our rights, protecting yours as well as other’s safety, investigating fraud, or responding to a request made by government; With our services providers who are trustworthy and do work on our behalf, they do not have any independent use of the data we share with them, and they agree to adhere to the fixed rules and regulations that are described in the privacy statement. If Mahadev Traders is involved in any acquisition, merger, sale of a portion or all of the assets owned by it, you will get notified by email or/and a major notice displayed on our website of the change in the ownership or the uses of the information. Also, in such a case, you will be informed about any choices you might have regarding it. To the third party advertisement networks and advertisers; and analytics companies as explained below.

Data Collected Automatically and Advertising

We might work with some analytics companies so as to help us in understanding how the website is used, like the factors such as the duration and frequency of usage. Also, we work with the third party advertisement networks and advertisers, who require to learn how to interact with the advertisement provided in the website which is useful for us in keeping the price of the website low. The advertising networks and advertisers make use of some of the data obtained by the website, which includes, but is not limited to, the unique identification ID of the mobile device and mobile telephone number you use. To prevent the anonymity of this data, we make use of an encryption technology to make sure that the third parties cannot identify our users personally. The third parties might also collect anonymous information related to the other applications you have downloaded on your device, the websites you generally visit, the non-precise information of your location (For example, your zip code) and other location information that is not precise for helping to analyze and provide anonymous target advertisement on the website and other platforms. We might also share information in encrypted version you have provided to enable our work partners to tag on other available data about you for the use of analysis and advertising. If you would like to opt-out from the use of this information done by the third party for serving the target advertisement, please go through the below section.

What are the users’ rights for opt-out?

There are several options available for opt-out for the users of this website:

Opt-out of all the data or information collection with closing the website: One can stop all the collection of data or information easily with closing the website. easily by uninstalling the Application. Also, one can make request to opt-out by dropping an email at Apkabazaar.com.

Opt-out from letting the use of your data or information to provide target advertisement by advertisers or/and third party advertisers: One can opt-out from the permission to allow us to access their location data at any time by inactivating the location information sharing from the browser’s setting of your device. You can also writ an email at admin@apkaabazar.com asking us to turn it off.

The Policy of Data Retention and Management of Your Information

This website will retain the data provided by the user for as long as they use the website, plus some more amount of time thereafter. The site will retain the information that is collected automatically for approximately 24 months. After that, this information might get stored in the aggregate. If you want for us to delete the data provided by you as a user while using the website, you are requested to visit Privacy Policy and contact us through an email at admin@apkaabazar.com if required. We will try our best to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Please consider that all or some of the data provided by you as a user might be needed for the proper functioning of the website.


We do not make use of the website to knowingly market to or importune data from children who are not thirteen years old yet. If guardians or parents become aware that their child has offered us the information without asking for their consent, they can contact us via email at admin@apkaabazar.com We will delete any such information collected in our data within a reasonable amount of time.

The Policy of IP Tracking and Cookies

This website stores the data in the form of IP and cookies. However, the content that includes information related to personal identity is not stored. The information that can be classified as non-personal identifiable information or data is collected. Such information involves the data from your search history, the queries you submit, time and date, domain and advertisement response.


We take the best measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your data. We offer procedural, electronic, and physical safeguards to protect the information we maintain and process. For example, we have provided access of this data to the authorized employees and limited contractors who require to use that data for operating, developing and improving our website.


This Privacy Policy might get updated from time to time for any of the confidential or obvious reasons. You will get notified about the changes in such a case and we will share the new Privacy Policy with you.

Your Consent

As you use the website, you provide consent to us for processing your information as described in this Privacy Policy as of now and as it might get amended in future. “Processing” means the cookies on your computer or hand held device are being used in any of the ways, which include, but are not limited to, storing, collecting, using, deleting, disclosing and combining information. All of these activities will be performed in India. If you stay outside the Indian territory, your data will be transferred, stored and processed there under the Indian privacy standards.