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Get 1 Year Zomato Gold Membership At Rs 540 Only

2. Open Your Zomato App And Click On Zomato Gold

3. On Select, Your Membership Pack Choose Unlimited Pack

4. On Next Page Apply Invite Code VAIS43497

5. Select 12 Month Zomato Gold Membership Subscription At Rs 540 Only

6. Zomato Gold Offers You 1+1 On Food & 2+2 On Drinks Across 5500+ Partner restaurants.

Zomato Gold membership benefits?

  • Enjoy Gold Membership Rewards and Offer on Your NearBy Location Restaurants.
  • First When you visit a restaurant with Zomato gold you will be required to open that restaurant's page on the app.

  • Then, before placing the order, you have to unlock your visit to your selected restaurant and provide the details to the restaurant's staff.

  • Now, you’re eligible for placing the order and claim some rewards and additional offers or don’t forget to enjoy your complimentary dishes and drinks.

Terms and conditions - Zomato Membership

  • Some terms and conditions which you need to carefully understand before purchasing the membership plan. Read the below-given points carefully so you don’t miss anything.

  • Minimum two people need to be on the table to take the advantages of gold membership plan

  • The Gold privileges will not be applicable on special occasions including New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s day and so on.

  • The Gold Membership offers are not valid on home delivery orders.

  • The complimentary dish option will be valid on any dish from the whole menu except combos, platters, and buffets.

  • The consumer can take advantage of their Gold membership only once per day at a specific restaurant partnered with Zomato

  • Non-alcoholic beverages are not included in Zomato Gold

  • The membership is non-refundable.

  • The Zomato gold membership offers and deals won’t be clubbed with any other offers.

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Big upgrade to your Gold membership

Starting 21st September, Gold benefits will be applicable on food delivery at over 13,000 restaurants. Existing Gold members get a free upgrade

  • The second-highest priced item in your order will be free (discount up to ₹300; minimum order value pre discount ₹300)
  • You can use Gold benefits on delivery once every day! 
  • Gold members can unlock Gold benefits only once a day for dining out.
  • A maximum of 2 Gold unlocks will be allowed on a table –

Zomato Gold Membership: How to Get It, Benefits and Terms & conditions

In the period of online eatery model and food ordering platforms working in India, Zomato requires no introduction at all. Lately, Zomato has arrived with a premium subscription program for its users-ZOMATO GOLD in India. So, today we are going to know all about it and how it is going to accentuate your food experience.

What is Zomato Gold?

Zomato Gold is an illustration of a product which has a number of exciting parts and from a marketing perspective, had an even possibility of hitting it big in the market. Zomato Gold is a feast out and social drinking membership plan that spreads special perks like – a free dish and up to 2 complimentary drinks each time you dine at or beat the bar at any of Zomato gold partner eateries in India. Gold can be applied at associate restaurants and bars in a very boundless way. You can use it on the whole menu or any food or drink. The service is accessible across all major Indian cities now. The two distinct Gold Powerpacks are called ‘Starter’ and ‘Medium’ plan. Both these packages allow limited unfastens for profits at partner restaurants, but they are not restricted by any particular validity. For example, the Starter Pack is rated at Rs 300 and allows three Gold unlocks to avail the profits like 2+2 on drinks or 1+1 on the food dish. The 'Medium' pack is rated at Rs 700 and allows 10 opens with no validity conditions. Once these unlocks are consumed, you can decide to proceed with either of these packages or update to the flagship Zomato Gold subscription which is valued at Rs 1,500 per year and offers countless unlocks at restaurants.

Why choose Zomato Gold?

Around 30,000 clients have already contributed for Zomato Gold and numerous are waiting for the subscription to re-open. Cities which have been attached to this list by Zomato are Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and many more centers. Zomato Gold was already given to Zomato’s customer base in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Lisbon. There is additionally a referral plan for Gold subscribers, with every referral the sender receives one extra month of subscription. On the other hand, the customer using the referral code to sign up receives a 25 percent discount on the Gold membership. In this way, Zomato is extending its existing user field power over others. Association of customers who have subscribed for Zomato Gold shall be restored automatically on expiry unless a client desires to opt out of the membership. Zomato Gold is Zomato’s second subscription gift after Zomato Treats which allows free desserts for supporters and has earned 60000 members. As of now the acceptance of Zomato Gold has been stopped and users are anxiously waiting for the second series of subscription to begin.

How does Zomato Gold Run?

To avail the advantages of Zomato Gold, you must sign up with Zomato Gold membership plan. After you sign up, you can hit any Gold designated restaurants, bars, and pubs. This is how Zomato gold acts: 1. When you hit the Zomato Gold partnered restaurants, you must initiate the restaurant page on the app. 2. You will have to open your visit and display the mobile to the eatery staff before putting an order. 3. You may now put your order and relish the dish.

How to Claim Zomato Gold Membership?

Follow the below-provided steps to obtain the Zomato gold membership • Start the Zomato website or app • Tap on ‘Dining Out’ or “Nightlife’ tag • Snap-on Zomato Gold option • Buy the plan between the three choices including starter pack, medium pack, and unlimited pack and you are done.

Zomato Gold Membership Plan



Starter pack

Rs. 199

3 times at partner restaurant

Unlimited pack


No limits for 1 year

Zomato Gold membership advantages in India

Zomato has partnered with more than 3500 restaurants in India to allow the Gold membership advantages. All you require to do is reach out and search different restaurants and own a complimentary dish and beverages without any price. This membership plan is furnished with astounding benefits. Here we have noted some major advantages that you will receive with your Gold subscription plan: • If you’re thinking to meet with your friend circle for drinks then hit any pub or bar that comes under the Zomato Gold restaurant parasol. Here you can savor two complimentary drinks of any cost for free. • The membership gives extra benefits like invites to exclusive celebrations at restaurants. The events will cover wine-tasting sittings, new food try-out assemblies, food tours, unique chef-cook sessions, new restaurant launching and more. • Users will get perks like 1+1 dish offer where on buying one dish, the user will receive another one for free. Also, there are 2 + 2 drinks profits, where on buying 2 drinks, users can buy the other 2 same for free.

Final Words:

Zomato Gold Membership is completely a steal deal if you are a huge foodie and enjoy seeking new eateries in your city. It's a rather good deal. Adding on, the launch of Gold membership delivers huge profits for the Indian customers. Now, the users have the possibility to visit high-end eateries in your city. They can go to pubs and bars during the evening time and get a major advantage as they can have complimentary drinks and dishes. So, what is holding you back to buy your Gold membership now?