Republic Day Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

Republic Day Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

Also known as the first Indian Festival of the Year, Republic Day is one event that is celebrated by all Indians, irrespective of their caste and creed. It is a remarkable day in the history of our country when India’s transformation towards becoming independent had begun.

As the big day approaches, schools and other academic institutions also start preparing the students for the same. While many schools organize march-pasts and cultural events, there are many institutes that organize fancy dress competitions, where students put in a lot of effort to dress up like their favourite characters. Over the years, fancy dress has emerged to become one of the most popular events in school. These events are equally thrilling for parents as they are for kids. In fact, many parents go all the way in making DIY costumes for their young ones. Alternatively, there are many who rely on readymade garments to dress up their young ones. 

Now just in case you are unsure of how to dress up your kid for his fancy dress at school, here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from. 

Importance of Fancy Dress Competitions on Republic Day

Republic Day and fancy dress competitions go hand in hand. Through these competitions, the schools are able to instil patriotism among the students and give them a sense of belonging to the country. It is a fun and interesting way of nurturing them into responsible citizens of the country.

The freedom that we take for granted today is a gift given to us by those courageous freedom fighters who fought for our country’s independence till their last breath. And it is the duty of the teachers and parents to ensure that the children love and respect their country and keep the patriotism and nationalism alive.

Fancy dress is a great opportunity to dress up the kids like their favorite national heroes and help them understand the sacrifice they made for the country.


Republic Day Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids for This Republic Day

Freedom Fighters

Republic day is all about celebrating our historic heroes who made our country what it is today- a free and independent nation. Dressing up your little kids as freedom fighters is perhaps the best and most effective way to inculcate patriotic values in them and develop a love of the nation. This is also a great way to help them understand the significance of freedom.

So, here are some of the best costume ideas that you can experiment with and dress up your child as a real freedom fighter. You can find the needed accessories for these costumes on Amazon. Don’t forget to use the Amazon coupons for availing great discounts.

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh is one of the greatest freedom fighters of all times. A highly influential revolutionary of the Indian Nationalist movement, this leader is best known for his grit and bravery. An avid reader and writer, this freedom fighter still continues to inspire many Indians.

Dressing up your child as Bhagat Singh will give you a great opportunity to talk about strong values that one must always uphold.

  • Use a crisp white shirt and pair it up with a khakhi coloured pant.
  • Use a round hat and a pair of suspenders to further enhance the look.
  • Take a black marker or black face paint and neatly draw a moustache.

Subhash Chandra Bose

Proudly known as Netaji, Subhash Chandra Bose was a great Indian nationalist. Even today, people remember and respect him for his undying love and loyalty towards his country. He fought with remarkable bravery against the British Rule. He even got arrested eleven times during the period of 1921 to 1941.

Subhash Chandra Bose had a commendable ability to stand up for what he believed is right. He sacrificed his whole life to make India a proud and independent nation. Letting your kids known about this great superhero is a way to help them always walk on the path of righteousness in life.

  • Look for a military suit, dark green or khakhi, along with a belt and a cap.
  • Use a pair of round glasses, which were a trademark of Netaji.

You can scroll through the many hopscotch offers to find the perfect military suit for your child.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

This is a very famous character for fancy dress competitions. This is because Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is known for his eternal love for children. He was the first prime minister of independent India who also played a significant role in establishing the parliamentary government. He was greatly instrumental in making India what it is today.

You can dress up your kid as Panditji, one of the most iconic leaders in the Indian history and witness how he takes the crowd by storm.

  • Use a plain white crisp kurta along with a white cap.
  • You can go for a khakhi coloured vest over the kurta to make the costume look more authentic.
  • Use a pair of black shoes.
  • Also, do not forget to pin a small rose to the top pocket.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was the most revered leader of his times who was followed and respected by millions. Being the greatest national hero, he has tirelessly and selflessly contributed to India’s struggle for independence. He is known to have steered the entire nation towards freedom through non-violence, a value he deeply cherished and believed in. Owning to his abiding efforts and an unwavering will, Mahatma Gandhi is proudly called the Father of the Nation.

You can dress up your little one as this renowned personality, who is sure to receive a standing ovation by the audience.

Mahatma Gandhi was known for his simple dressing. His attire mainly consisted of a simple loin cloth wrapped around.

  • Make your child wear a white dhoti.
  • Use a bald cap to cover up the hair.
  • Make sure to get your child a pair of round spectacles to make the attire authentic.
  • Accessorize with a walking stick.

Jhansi Ki Rani

Rani Lakshmi Bai was another iconic leader of the Indian Freedom Movement who fought every battle with immense courage and valour. She was a true soldier who lived her life fearlessly, fighting against the evil. Although died at the tender of 22, she dedicated her entire life to fight for her country that she loved so much.

Rani Lakshmi Bai is a great fancy dress costume for young girls who are not afraid of expressing themselves. Even for parents, it is a great opportunity to teach their kids the virtues of bravery and courage.

  • Drape a saree in bright blue or green colour with large and flashy borders.
  • Tie a turban on the head.
  • Take a cardboard sheet and cut out a sword from it. cover the sword handle with silver ribbon or aluminium foil.
  • To accessorize it further, cut out a round cardboard shape and use it as shield. You can cover the shield with black chart paper.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

Also known as the Father of the Indian Constitution, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was the proud law minister of the government of India. He took a prominent part in the outlining of the Indian Constitution, criminalising discrimination against untouchables. All through his life, he fought for women rights along with initiating many other social reforms for the upliftment of the low-caste people.He has always been an epitome of equality and egalitarianism.

To dress up your kid like BhimraoRamjiAmbedkar,

  • Dress them up in a dark-coloured suit.
  • Pair up the outfit with round spectacles.

So, these are some of the freedom fighters that can you can dress up your kid as. You can easily find these costumes on Amazon or other websites.

Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey was another great warrior who sacrificed his life for the freedom of our country.

To dress up your kid like this courageous soldier:

  • Use a shoulder length hair wig. You can easily get this from a local fancy dress store or online.
  • Take a white dhoti and wrap it around your child’s waist.
  • Use a big moustache to create the same look.

Different Professionals

There are different professionals who play a silent yet active part in making our lives easier. These professionals are doctors, teachers, lawyer, fireman, policemen, etc. who help us in leading a happy and contented life. However, often in our busy schedule, we overlook their importance and fail to appreciate their part in making the world a better place.

These professionals are highly trained and educated individuals who are silently performing their duties in their respective spheres. By making your children dress up like these individuals, you can educate them about various professions. The kids can understand about the significance of these people in our lives and further aspire to grow up and become one of them.

It is easy to find the aforementioned costumes. For instance, you can easily browse the internet to find a doctor’s lab coat. Furthermore, you can find a pair of spectacles or stethoscope at your nearest fancy dress rent shop.

Dances of India

You can also make your child wear traditional dance dresses of the different states of India. This is another great and slightly unusual idea for Republic day fancy dress.

By getting your child wear something like this, you get the opportunity to educate them about the traditional get ups of different Indian states. They will learn about the concept of diversity, which will further broaden their mind set. 

You can easily find different state-themed costumes on Flipkart. Do not forget to use Flipkart discounts and coupons for scoring a good deal.

Environment Theme

This is a great theme that must always be used in fancy dress attires to educate our children about the growing need to protect our environment. The kind of environment that we are living in today makes it very important for us to learn about the different factors that contribute to a clean and green environment. It is mandatory to help the young generation of today see the effect of pollution on the health of people.

So, dress up your child in environment theme on this republic day and start educating them about it. in this way, it will also help to impart a string message to the audience.

Mythological Theme

India has a rich mythology. It has seen everything, from Mahabharata to Ramayana to Mughals. Dressing up kids as characters from the mythological era is another great option that the parents can explore. This will give you an opportunity to tell them about India’s affluent heritage as well as narrate the story behind each character. Apart from being educative, this can also be very interesting.

You can choose from characters like Rama, Krishna, Lord Shiva, Radha, Rama, Mira, and many more.

To dress up your child as Krishna,

  • Take a safe blue edible paint and smear his upper body with it, including the face.
  • Do a bold makeup for the eyes with a shimmery golden base.
  • Tie a dhoti around his waist and adorn him with accessories for hair, earrings, bangles, crown and a flute.
  • Do not forget to fix a peacock feature on the crown.

Lord Rama

  • This is again a very doable costume.
  • Wrap around a yellow coloured dhoti.
  • Take white tikka and smear it on the forehead of your child.

Accessorize with a dhanush and wig. You can find these at any local fancy dress store. Alternatively, you can also search for fancy dress children clothing on online stores.

Theme Centered Around Hues of the National Flag

If you want to keep it simple, you can also dress up your child in shades of saffron, white and green. This theme is especially common among pre-schoolers who can gain knowledge about the different colours present in the national flag and the importance of ach colour.

As the R-day approaches, you can easily spot republic day tricolour dress for kids at many local stores. You can pick up your preferred one or take it on rent for an easy and hassle-free experience.

Indian Traditional Wear

Indian Traditional Wear

Our country’s traditional garments are so beautiful, bright and eclectic. But it’s not necessary that these garments must only be worn on festivals. It is a great opportunity for parents to dress up our little bundle of joy in gorgeously ethnic Ghaghara choli or pathani kurtas. This is another great theme for pre-schoolers who can learn about the beautiful traditions of India as they dress up in these attires.

Current Political Leaders

Current political leaders are playing a massive role in shaping up our country. They are the real heroes who never fail to go an extra mile to make their country proud.

Thus, dressing up your little munchkins as the powerful political leaders of today is another trend that is rapidly building up in schools nowadays. Almost all kids are aware of their country’s prime minister and other influential leaders who are aiming at the betterment of India. That is one reason Narendra Modi is so popular with kids these days.

Famous Personalities Who Have Made India Proud

India has always been a massive hub of talent. Over the years, our country has produced some of the greatest personalities who have gone ahead to make India proud worldwide. These people are like the idols of the new generation who have set up goals by establishing a thriving career in renowned multinationals.

If you are wondering who these people are, you can think of Sunita Williams, SundarPichhai, IndraNooyi, and more. You can dress up your kids like these famous personalities and tell them their tales of success in life.

Armed Forces Theme

India is one of the fortunate countries that is blessed with the greatest number of men serving the armed forces. May it be our Indian Navy, Army or Air Force, we are proud and forever grateful for our young soldiers who are sacrificing our lives for protecting us. Thus, it is our responsibility to make our children aware of this fact and feel indebted for their sacrifice.

So, this republic day, let your kid adorn the uniform of a navy, military or air force officer and feel the sense of pride and belongingness towards the country that comes with it.

You can easily find these afore-mentioned uniforms on popular kids clothing websites such as Firstcry. Make sure to use Firstcry coupons for landing a good deal.

How to Prepare Your Child for a Fancy Dress Competition?

Sometimes, some kids have a stage fright that curtails their performance in a big way. To help you out with your child, here are some tips that you must observe:

  • Make him/ her practice the lines in front of the mirror. Follow it up with the camera, but without the costume.
  • Once he is thorough with the lines, make him put on his fancy dress costume.
  • Record the videos and show it to your child to help him see how he is performing. Make him practice multiple times with the costume on.

Once he has become alright with facing the camera, he will find it much easier to face the crowd and recite his lines while he is one stage.

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