Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day hold a very special place in hearts of people who embrace love. 14 February is celebrated across the word as a day of love. The popularity of this ancient festival has increased manifolds. People adore the idea of celebrating love with their loved ones.

History of Valentine’s Day

In earlier times Valentine’s Day was celebrated in honor if Roman God of Fertility. This festival also marked the commencement of festival of spring. During such festivals boys picked out names of girls from a box. The chosen names of boys and girls were regarded as couple of the year. Eventually these couples would fall in love and married later. This festival was then celebrated in honor of St. Valentine as declared by the holy Christian Church. The festival then began to be celebrated as a means of expressing love for their sweethearts.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in earlier days

During 14 century, the day was celebrated with loved ones. People organized large feasts for their beloveds to mark the day. Later in 16 century, lovers started exchanging gifts among themselves. During these days, people exchanged hand mad cards with their lovers. Later in late 1800,copper handmade plates molded in form of hearts replaced the handmade cards. Slowly wooden carvings and lithographs took place of copper hearts. The festival then became very popular among masses. It later became a tradition where lovers exchanged love notes called Valentine. 19-century witnessed custom of sending Valentine’s Day greeting cards to lovers.

Modern day celebrations

Valentine’s Day is a rage among youth. Everybody wants to impress their lovers and want best presents for them. It is usually a seven-day celebration where each day has its significance. The festival has turned out to be a popular dating and gift giving festival. The festival, which was earlier considered as the day of lovers,has increased in scope. The day today is not only celebrated with lovers but also with parents, teachers and friends. In short, the day is celebrated with everyone we love.

The most popular way of showing love to our loved ones on this popular day is exchanging gifts. The most traditional gifts that are exchanged among lovers are flowers, chocolates and cards. Men usually present jewelry to their ladylove. With advancement in technology, people exchange love messages on mobile phones.

Another way of celebrating this day of love is taking your lover on a date. Restaurants witness a busy time as people celebrate the day of love with a candle light dinner. Various dance parties are organized in clubs and hotels. People celebrate the day hosting private parties at their homes and farmhouses. Some couples even propose their loved ones for marriage or engagement on this day. Therefore, this day of love can be celebrated in several ways. Everyone has a different meaning of love. Some celebrate this day with their better half as they stand by us in thick and thin. Some honors their parents as parents only teach us true meaning of love. Whereas, some prefer celebrating it with their friends.

Therefore, if you are thinking to celebrate this Valentines with your loved ones, but a little confused about present, here is a list of gifts you can consider buying to surprise your lovers, parents, friends or grandparents.

1. Roses: Red rose is a symbol of love. It can make any ones valentines. If you are taking your loved one on a date, a bouquet of red roses can steal the show. Rose is considered as flower of love that is why it is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift. It is a symbol of purity, true love, innocence and charm. In case you are planning to propose your loved one for lifetime, go for peach roses. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and pink roses are perfect way to appreciate ones gentleness and greatness.

2. Jewelry: If you are looking for a very romantic gift then jewelry is the best choice. It is versatile and turns out to be the most memorable present. You can consider buying

• Heart shaped rings
• Danglers
• Heart necklaces
• Bracelets
• Pearl pieces
• Engagement rings
• Birthstone jewelry
• Handmade jewelry
• Zircona stone pieces

Buy elegant jewelry for your loved ones on Amazon using Amazon offers. You can also get couple jewelry here that is a brilliant idea to make your Valentine’s even more special.

3. Personalized home gifts: If your partner love decorating their space then gifting them personalized home gifts is the best idea. You can gift them a personalized mug, photo frame, bed sheet, key chain or cushion. You can get these things customized with your favorite photographs and cherish memories all your life.

These things remain with us for life and constantly remind us of the beautiful bond we share with our loved ones.

4. Watches: You can even try surprising your partner with a classy watch. Grace his or her wrist with a unique piece. The watches are constant reminders of how much our partners love us. A luxury watch is a long lasting gift that remains with our sweethearts forever.

Many recognized brands have very smart, classy and sophisticated pieces.

5. Handbag: There is nothing that makes a woman happy more than a handbag. Most of the women are obsessed with handbags. Adding a new one to their collection will surely bring a smile on the face of your loved one. An exclusive handbag will never leave you disappointed if you are a last minute person. Totes in shades of red, pink and silver will earn you extra brownie points. You can find chic pieces from renowned brans on Flipkart. Do not forget to use offers on Flipkart.

6. Beauty essentials: Women are very particular about their looks and skin. You can also consider surprising your ladylove with beauty essentials kit from her favorite brand. You can make a unique gift by adding things like serum, moisturizer, face cream etc. in a kit. This will surely make the day of your partner as women love beauty products. You can also try organic products range as they have excellent quality and produce best results.

7. A thoughtful book: If your partner loves reading then there is nothing that can compete a thoughtful book. Books are man’s best friends. You can gift a book of your partner’s favorite author or present him a one he or she is longing for. From romantic read to passionate stories, adventurous or horror themes. You can present a one to your loved one depending on his or her taste. This is one of the greatest last minute ideas that will never fail. Use discount coupons if you buy books online through reputed websites.

8. Personalized t-shirts: This is one of the unique ideas you can consider doing if you do not have much time left to plan a gift. You can order customized t-shirts with a picture of your valentine printed on it. This will remain forever with them as a symbol of love. You can then wear the special gift to your Valentine’s Day date later during the day.

9. Valentine’s Day outfit: If you want your girl to look best on Valentines, a red midi dress will solve all your problems. You can buy beautiful dresses online. Consider going for this gift only if you are well acquainted with your partner’s choice and taste. Choose a cute outfit with vibrant colors so that your partner can slay the evening.

Same thing applies to girls. Gift dashing piece of clothes to your person so that he stands out in the evening. An exclusive blazer paired with chinos and black shoes can do wonders. This can be the best gift for your partner.

Myntra has range of clothes from celebrated designers. You can choose best outfit for your partner on Myntra using Myntra offers.

10. A movie date: You can also plan movie date with your partner and surprise him or her in the evening. This gift will surely be a pleasant one. It is a nice way to spend an evening together. Booking a movie of the genre your partner loves will surely come as a realization that you prefer doing the things your partner loves. Such sweet little things always make a relationship strong. Always remember to book your movie using Bookmyshow discount coupons to save money.

11. Assorted chocolates: Chocolates are everyone’s favorite. Presenting chocolates to your partner is a universal gifting option that will never fail to impress. Giving chocolates to your loved ones is an age-old tradition that is being carried on from a long time. Markets are stormed with heart shaped flavored chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day and chocolates are inseparable.

12. A short trip: If you want to make your Valentine’s memorable, planning a short trip to any nearby area can be the best gift for your partner. With the advancement in technology, everything is just a click away. Trip to nearby hill station or resort will turn out to be memorable experience. You can instantly book a cab to the destination and rooms online within minutes. Celebrating the special day with your love on a special place will be no less than a dream.

13. Perfumes: Humans have a natural tendency to link scents with people and places. The fragrance of your loved ones bring thousands emotions in mind. Perfume is the most personal thing of beauty that one can consider to buy for Valentines. There are fragrances for every occasion. You can buy one for your partner depending on the personality trait you want to embrace. Give your date night a fragrant start with most romantic and gorgeous perfumes.Using online shopping you can buy some amazing fragrances and surprise your Valentine.

14. Soft toys: It is a wrong notion that only girls love soft toys. Every one of us loves hugs. Hugs give us sense of security and love. Everybody whether it is a man, woman, children or grandparents wants this feeling. Soft toys are very soft and cuddly. They are designed for cuddling and hugging. A beautiful soft toy can make your partner’s day.

15. Aroma candles: People love candles. Scented candles bring a sense of relaxation. They are the finest thing to gift as candles are used as decorative interior accessory and are used to add personal touch to homes. A perfectly smelling home brings a sense of wellbeing and creates a warm and light atmosphere. It is best the best gift if you are planning a date night in your home.

16. Lingerie: Lingerie can turn out to be a very seductive and creative idea for Valentine’s gift. Fancy lingerie can beat all other gift choices. Buy the best lingerie using Zivame coupons on Zivame.

Things to keep in mind when you buy Valentine’s Gift

Choosing a perfect gift for your valentine can be difficult. It is never about expensive things. It is about giving something meaningful to express your feelings and bring a big smile on your partners face. Let us have a quick look about the things to keep in mind while planning a Valentine’s gift.

  1. Keep your partner’s personality in mind: A gift becomes memorable only when it is useful. If you know your partner’s personality well then you can never go wrong in choosing a gift for them. Do not be very predictable. Be sure that you choose a gift that suits your partner’s personality and is useful at the same time.
  2. Go for a personalized gift: A personalized gift leaves a greater impact as compared to traditional gifts. These gifts last long and are best way to convey your message to loved ones. You can make things memorable with your pictures printed on it. They are the best way to express feelings.
  3. Keep it simple and classy: Keep your choice as simple as possible. Do not make it too cheesy that it becomes difficult for your partner to digest. A simple yet classy gift leaves a long lasting impression.
  4. Give surprise to your partner: Choosing a best gift for your partner is indeed very difficult. A part from choosing the gift, what really matters is how we present it. Giving a surprise to your partner makes the gift even more memorable.
  5. Be in budget: Nothing comes free. It is a well-known fact. While doing online shopping always use coupon codes and discount coupons to be in budget. You can find amazing gifts keeping your budget in mind.

Make your Valentine’s the best for you and your partner with incredible and thoughtful gifts. Move ahead from regular choices and do something unique this time.

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