Valentine Day

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Gift your Valentine something Who they are and What they are this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day, celebrated on 14 th February every year, is called the day of love, a day to dedicate your loved one and to express your love and passion towards them. Though it is not staple to India but has gained attention and flair among the youth for quite a time now.

January has just started and it's almost a month left to Valentine's day but preparations have begun to celebrate this day of love. Shops have started to deck themselves up with heart balloons, lovey dovey cards, all possible sort of gifts and flowers too. Numerous sites online have also started to put up special discount offers for you to buy something for your loved one.

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But with a flood of gifting options, it sometimes becomes a nightmare to buy that perfect gift for your partner as you don't want to end up with something which they don't like or repeat which you had given last year. Chocolates, teddies and flowers have shifted themselves from mainstream gifting options to side gifts, something which are given as a backup or side option with other MAIN gift.

But how to go about searching and buying that perfect gift? Don't worry, here we have compiled a list of some gifting options you can consider while impressing your partner and also to surprise them in the most cutest and astonishing way possible.

So without any further adieu, let's get started:

1. Gadgets for the Tech Maniac

If your partner is something who's a lot into gadgets, technology and all, then you should gift them something of their interest like maybe a set of new headphones they had been longing for, a kindle if they love reading, a Bluetooth speaker if they don't have one, a camera for the photographer partner and a lot like these. Basically, anything which has a kind of technology in it (winks).

2. Cookbooks and Cooking equipments for your Chef

If he/she is someone who loves cooking and quite experimental with food, then best gifting options for them could be cute and customized baking gloves, or a cookbook signed by their favorite chef or if not signed, then an exclusive cookbook from the chef they love the most. You could even get them enrolled into some cooking or baking or plating classes too. Some cool baking tools, or cutters and shapers for the cookies which they bake next time, or a custom mug with picture of both of you could work wonders.

3. Makeup and beauty products

Girls love makeup. If she is someone who loves makeup, then this is the best time to get them full with some great makeup products or beauty products which they might be wanting for some time or have finished with old pieces. This will also let her know that you do pay heed to what all products they use and pay attention to. The same applies to men too, but beauty products as now men too pay heed to their looks, skin and hair! So, some brownie points collected for yourself on this Valentine's.

4. Travel with the traveller

Yes, if your partner is someone who loves to travel and explore new places, then this is the perfect excuse to get them to that exquisite place which both of you have been planning for but couldn't take some time out. Take on your camera and click hell lot of pictures to collect memories that both of you make together.

5. A day off alone!

Though the day is for both of you and both of you must spend some quality time together, but if you have a child, then you must have seen your wife taking care of the baby without a break. So this time, let her spend some time of the day with herself and getting a break by either booking a spa and massage appointment for her or going for shopping to her favorite store followed by a heart and fulfilling lunch or dinner with your child by your side but you roaming around with the baby tied to you this time!

6. Fitness stuff for fitness freaks

Is your partner always up for gym, exercises and long walks? Then this is something you must pay attention to you. Get yourself up with your fitness freak partner and surprise them with your involvement in their fitness routine like going to gym, eating healthy and adopting an active lifestyle. You could also give them customized gym equipments like a sipper with their name or favorite health quote, or a customized gym t-shirt with quirky quote or even a fitness equipment which they could use while being at home or away from gym.

7. Some get together this Valentine's

Valentine's day is not just meant for your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend; it is for all those people whom we love, whether it be friends or family. You don't need to make only your partner, instead everyone whom you love and adore. So this Valentine's, let's celebrate with close friends and family members by spending some time together and give the best time to them of their lives. You could plan a picnic together, go for a lunch or dinner, plan for a movie or could just keep a small get-together at your place with all people in attendance.

And here we are at the end of this blog with some gifting options you could go for this Valentine's for your loved one(s). Whatever gift you give, whatever you might do, but on't forget that this one day is nothing in front of the love and care you shower onyour loved ones the entire year.

We help you out with some of the gifting options, Apkaabazar has a lot of products and offers going on in case you get your hand on one such gift. Be this Valentine's be The Best Valentine's Day in the life of everyone and anyone whom you love, cherish and admire.