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In 2017 Apkaabazaar was started by Ashish Sharma and Shristi Sharma with the vision to bring in multiple online shopping sites in one platform. For the convenience of the customers, Apkaabazar showcased various deals and discounts the online shopping websites offered. With a wide range of products and a variety of websites, Apkaabazar is becoming one of the fastest growing online affiliate marketing websites in India.

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In 2017 Apkaabazaar was started by Ashish Sharma and Shristi Sharma with the vision to bring in multiple online shopping sites in one platform. For the convenience of the customers, Apkaabazar showcased various deals and discounts the online shopping websites offered. With a wide range of products and a variety of websites, Apkaabazar is becoming one of the fastest growing online affiliate marketing websites in India.

There are quite similar websites in the Indian market but the feature that sets Apkaabazar.com apart from the others is it offers money saving solution in shopping by bringing in various deals, offers, and discounts on a variety of items. A customer can select from any products that are on the offering with a click of a button. Since Apkaabazar brings in multiple online shopping websites with their deals in a single place the customers have the choice to select the best deal among the many featured on the forum. Zivame is one such website whose deals Apkaabazar.com brings to its customers.

What is Zivame?

Zivame is an online shopping portal primarily for lingerie but now a customer can buy nightwear, activewear, and even accessories. Started in 2011 by Richa Kaur with the idea of providing women with uninhabited shopping experience of undergarments.

The word Zivame is derived from Hebrew in which ‘ziva’ means radiant, and me as in myself, therefore it means ‘radiant me’. The site offers over 50 brands to select from with over 5,000 styles and 100 sizes. But all these are done while providing privacy and dignity to the shopper. A customer can shop under various categories like Bras, Nightwear, Activewear, Panties, Shapewear, Swim & Beach, and Accessories. Under each of these categories, there are multiple brands, styles and sizes to select from. Also, they have a separate section for Brands, New Arrival, and sales product.

Currently, Zivame delivers all across India and currently provides service to 20,000 pin codes. It is also no longer restricted to online shopping as at many high-end shopping malls Zivame is opening its physical stores.

Why Buy Lingerie Online?

Along with the Millenials and Gen X, most people are now opting for online shopping for different kinds of purchases. It is because online shopping provides quite a lot of benefits. In particular for lingerie purchase, online shopping has become quite lucrative mainly for those who are modest, get perturbed by the male salesmen in the shop or embarrassed to ask for the latest trends and styles. Online lingerie shopping solves all these issues and more. Here are 7 reasons why buying lingerie is quite appealing compared to shopping them in a store.

1. Privacy: While shopping for the intimate garment, online shopping offers the privacy of your home. There is no scope of being embarrassed and engage in an uncomfortable conversation with the salesperson while selecting and trying a lingerie that might be a bit revealing or erotic. Most online lingerie shops offer the virtual ‘try on’ of the product. As a customer, you can select anything, i.e. from the basic staples to the racy lacy pieces that give a naughty and playful feeling.

2. Avoid the queue: With online lingerie shopping you can find as many items you want and do a virtual ‘try on’ without you having to stand in a long queue outside the trial room. Furthermore, in most physical shops a customer is limited to carrying a certain number of items to a trail room, whereas in online shopping you can select and do a virtual ‘try on’ of as many items you want without anyone rushing you. With lingerie shopping online you can avoid the uncomfortable stares while standing in a trail queue with some racy numbers hanging out of your hand.

3. Convenience: With your responsibilities like work commitments and social engagements if you are pressed for time to go to a store to buy you lingerie or night suits online shopping is the answer. Purchases can be made any time of the day, from anywhere as per your convenience without the worry of finding the time to go to a shop. All you have to do is select and purchase with a click of a mouse and it will be delivered to you.

4. Variety: Lingerie is no longer associated with tidy-whities or grandma underwear rather there is a wide range of variety and options to select from. There is designer lingerie out there in the market from retro style undergarment to speciality designer wear, and novelty underwear, the options are almost limitless now. As a customer, you can opt for a Victorian corset to a lacy thong, a loungewear, plus size bras and panties, basically whatever your heart desires.

5. Comparison: Since there are so many options available in the market in the lingerie section with multiple brands online shops offer the option of comparing a wide range of styles, brands and price range. The wide comparison option provided by online shopping is almost limitless compared to the options a physical lingerie shop can offer.

6. Size & Style: More than often stores does not keep a wide range of sizes that online shops do. Also, at times it happens that the style as a customer you prefer the shop does not have that or the style and the size of the product you want does not match. Such instance of not finding the product that matches the style and the size online is rare. Since online shops stock a wide range of products a customer can almost always find the style and the size s/he is looking for.

7. Gifting it: Buying lingerie is not limited to the person who is using it. Rather gifting lingerie to the special person in one’s life is quite a trend now. But visiting a shop to buy it for the significant other can be quite embarrassing in India; hence online lingerie shop is the answer. Your beau can buy the item that he might like or think will look good on you and gift you without being embarrassed while shopping for it. A lingerie gift can be quite an intimate fun thing for a couple and shopping it together can be an enjoyable experience that a couple can engage in while shopping online.

Why Shop At Zivame?

Online shopping site like Zivame that is dedicated primarily to lingerie has made quite a lot of difference for women in India. Zivame provides plenty of option in lingerie for the shopper with a plethora of expensive and exclusive items. The glamorous items that they offer in lingerie and loungewear can be quite tempting.

Discounts & Coupons: At Zivame customers are offered quite a lot of coupons, discounts, and other offers. Which can be a great way to shop for lingerie in a bulk while saving quite a few bucks.

Online size calculator: The online portal offers you the Zivame Bra size calculator to select the perfect bra that is comfortable and stylish.

Online & Telephone support: They also have online support for customers who find it hard to select a product and are unsure of which one to buy. All the customer has to do is call the support team between 9 Am and 8 PM.

Delivery details shared: For the benefit of the customer Zivame sends an email and an SMS for every successful order so there is no confusion on whether an order has been placed successfully or not. Also, for every successful order, the customer is given a tracking detail, which they can use to see the updated condition of the item that has been despatched.

Anonymity maintained: To retain the anonymity of the product bought by the customer the product details are not mentioned on the package by Zivame, rather inside an invoice is added so that the customer can check the product detail.

Redeem zCoin: Zivame also have the redeeming of points facility through zCoins. The valuation of zCoin is 1zCoin=1 Rupee. On purchase, if there are any zCoins in the wallet of Zivame it will be automatically applied for the purchase. However, zCoins are valid only for a year from the date of purchase of an item. Furthermore, zCoins can be used while using discounts too.

Cash on delivery: Zivame allows cash on delivery in most of the places but an addition of Rs.39 is charged, however, that amount is levied if Debit or credit card, net banking, zCoins or gift cards do the payment.

Return and/or exchange: Zivame does have a smooth return and/or exchange policy for most of its products. After the item has been received by the customer within 15 days the customer can return and/or exchange the product. However, due to hygiene standards, Zivame does not accept return and/or exchange or items like briefs, panties, pasties, and stick-on bras.

Apkaabazar brings all these options that Zivame offers to its customers. Instead of searching for the discounts and sales on the Zivame website, Apkaabazar collates all the sales, offers and discounts offered by the online lingerie portal for the customers from, which they can select from.