Rozana Gold Basmati Rice – Daawat – 5 kg


  • Zero cholesterol: Good for your heart and cardio vascular functioning
  • Whole grain (Lower carbohydrates): Helps in overall health
  • High on fiber: Good for digestion
  • Lower GI: Diabetic friendly
  • HET processed and enriched with vitamins and minerals: For stronger immunity


Rozana Gold Basmati Rice – Daawat – 5 kg

Daawat presents Rozana Basmati Rice Gold for a pristine and princely dining experience. This long and fluffy rice comes in a 1 kg poly-pack and is 100% vegetarian. Make those lovely sumptuous pulavs or the rich and multi-faceted biryanis or even the simple yet elegant jeera rice to accompany your dal and sabzi. Engage your senses in this aromatic and premium product.



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