Prioritize Yourself This Valentine’s Day Among All Mushy Couples

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Hola peeps!

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and not everyone is happy, pretty sad Or we shall say that singles are not happy, as is the case always! Seeing couples with heart balloons, chocolates, exchanging gifts and what not, you might not feel good if you don’t have a partner.

But you of course don’t have to be sad on this day of love. Now we are not going to bore you by saying that celebrate this day with family and all because they too are love and blah blah blah. Who even says that in 21 st century?

Families are love. There can’t and in fact shouldn’t be one single day to make them feel loved and to surprise them with gifts. Everyday should be a big fat family day (winks).

But we aren’t here to bore you, as said earlier.

Instead we have come again to make you know that if you don’t have a partner, that is, you are single and want to celebrate this Valentine’s, then prioritize yourself this Valentine’s and make a statement. Be an example of self-love and self-care by focusing on yourself this time and not on the absence of a loved one this year.


Here are a few things you can do to truly love and pamper yourself.

1. Gifts All The Days

Who doesn’t love gifts dude?

Who better than yourself would know what you want?

Don’t wait for a partner to gift you something. Pack your purse, choose the market wherever you want to go and get a ride to the place. Or you can also shop online, doesn’t matter. As you know what you are going to buy, there’s no scope of disappointment and because the receiver of the gift is you, you don’t have to give a return gift also. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

And if you are confused as to what gifting options to consider, then do check out Valentine Day Offers for some gifting inspiration.

Happy Valentines Day

2. Gorge on your favorite dish

If there’s something you had been thinking for some time now to try but couldn’t do so due to some or the reason, then this is the perfect time to have something.

February has just started, so save for that fancy restaurant, or that chic café or that delectable dish and pounce on the food like a hungry lion (winks).

And if you are too lazy to step out of your home, then have a pyjama lunch or dinner and bon appetite!

3. Hangout with your other single partners

If you don’t want to be alone and still be surrounded with people, then make a plan out with other single friends or colleagues of yours because couples won’t be available!

You all can either go out for some food treat, shopping, play board games at home or just visit a pub or club and dance the whole night out. The more, the merrier.

You could even have an all-single themed party at some place and have all those games or events which don’t require a partner.

Valentine day Trip

4. Plan a solo trip ahead

If you don’t want to do anything on Valentine’s day, then plan a trip out of station on the weekend and stay at a youth hostel to meet new people or stay at the room to quaint yourself. This could also help you with a fun filled outing to refresh yourself up and also take some time out to find an inner peace. Enjoy the nature, explore new places and click loads of pictures to capture what you see.

You never know when you might get a partner (winks).

There are a lot of places you can travel to for a short vacation like Agra, Chandigarh, Udaipur, Jaipur, Dharamshala etc.

5. Find time out to pamper yourself

While you might be too busy with your schedule and not possible to take time out for some pampering, be a diva this Valentine’s. After your office, plan a visit to a spa, salon, facial or anything that will make you feel pampered.

Splurge a bit on yourself because you have no other person to spend on, brownie points for that (sorry couples).

Valentine Day Special

6. Do something exciting and unexpected

Yes, make this Valentine’s an adventurous Valentine’s.

Try doing something which you haven’t tried before, like getting inked or trying a new hair color or even getting a hair color for the first time or maybe an adventurous activity like paragliding or bungee jumping.

Try doing something worth remembering and exciting.

If you think that there’s something we are missing out and is worth noted, do mention below in the comments section. We love to hear from our readers as their opinions matter to us a lot!

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