Swiggy Starts Grocery Home Delivery to More Than 125 Cities

Swiggy Starts Grocery Home Delivery to More Than 125 Cities

Swiggy Grocery Home Delivery to More Than 125 Cities - Incredible Initiative Amid Lockdown

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected more than 190 countries across the world. Many countries declared lockdown. India is one of those. Due to lockdown, people are struggling to source essential items. It is difficult to imagine surviving without grocery items. However, Swiggy along with many other stores has jumped in to rescue its customers. The food delivery app (Swiggy) has started the delivery grocery as well as other essential items.

Earlier, the super-market apps like Grofers and BigBasket came into the market for the delivery of grocery items. However, due to a delay in the delivery, Swiggy jumped into the market. Currently, Swiggy is delivering the groceries and other items in tier 1 as well as tier 2 cities. Along with this, it has also made Swiggy Genie and Swiggy Go available for the other cities. You can check the Swiggy grocery offers and order the essential items. The delivery partner would deliver the order at your doorstep.

How Swiggy Contactless Grocery Delivery Works?

Currently, the company is allowing the delivery of the products of around 12 kg per order. This limitation of order is set to prevent the hoarding of the groceries and other daily use items. Apart from the grocery delivery, you can also use the pick and drop services of Swiggy. Yes, it is possible through Swiggy Go.

Amidst this lockdown during the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a rising demand for groceries. To meet the high demand for the essential items including grocery, Swiggy has partnered with several retail grocery stores as well as supermarket stores like Vishal Mega Mart, Marico, etc. 

As per the reports, Swiggy spokesperson said that they are also in discussion with the regional and national (FMCG) brands to expand this offering. For example, the partnership with Marico to provide essential items such as Saffola Oats, Saffola Oils, etc through the official store. The best thing is that by using Grocery coupons, you can buy the essentials at a discounted price.

Even the fast-food chains like Mc Donald’s and Dominos have also introduced a food delivery service named “zero contact deliver”. To avail this service, customers would have to select the new option before placing the order. According to this service, the delivery executive would keep the carry bag having the food in front of the doorstep of the customer. This would help in preventing the risk of infection. Moreover the “safety delivery experts” would wait outside till the order is collected. 

Hygiene, Use of Wide Network and Safety – The Primary Focus

Social distancing as well as hygiene are effective ways to combat the coronavirus. For ensuring the safe deliveries, food delivery, grocery delivery firms, etc. have announced numerous measures. These measures include the “contactless drop-offs”. Rather than handing over the parcel directly, the customer can request for the parcel to be left off at the doorstep. In this way, there would be no interaction between the customer and the delivery executive. When you would type “Swiggy grocery store near me” on your phone, you would be able to find the stores located nearest to your location.

While ordering, you can select the No-Contact Delivery option at the checkout. You can also make a call to the delivery executive and ask him/her to leave the parcel at the gate. Once the delivery executive leaves your parcel at the door, she/he would call you to confirm the delivery. For safety as well as hygiene reasons, it is advised to keep the table/ stool and bag outside the door. Moreover, it is important for the customer to know that this service is applicable only for prepaid orders.

A Little Backstory to the Launch

This was introduced in September 2019 with the name “Swiggy Genie”. The purpose behind the launch of this service was to helps users to get orders from the nearby stores and allows the pickup as well as drop service the parcels, documents, laundry, etc.   

In February 2019, Swiggy launched “Swiggy Stores” for delivering the daily-use and other essential items. It provides its users an option to explore the menu of the listed stores and order the items according to the need. Both Swiggy Stores, as well as Swiggy Go, were limited to the selected cities like Gurugram, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc. However, today they are expanding the grocery delivery service. 

Currently, Swiggy has launched the grocery service in around 125 cities and planning to start the service in up to 150 cities. It has partnered with national brands and retailers like Dabur, P&G, HUL, Cipla, Godrej, etc. It is also in talks with more brands and retail chains for the tie-ups. 

Swiggy Hunger Savior COVID Relief Fund- Fund for Delivery Partners

Along with its customers, Swiggy has also taken an initiative for the protection of its delivery partners. It has set up a fund named “Swiggy Hunger Savior COVID Relief Fund”. It would be used for the welfare of the delivery executives and their families. The expected corpus for this fund is around INR 10 crore. This would be created by the primary contribution from senior leaders, investors, company founders, employees and donations from the customers as well.

Sriharsha Majety is the CEO of Swiggy. He committed half of his annual salary towards this fund from 22 March 2020 i.e. Janata Curfew day. Along with him, the company also committed all the revenues towards the fund. Now, the question arises how this fund would help the delivery partner. Here is the answer to the question.

All the delivery partners would have income-protection insurance coverage. In case the delivery partners are tested positive with COVID-19, they are insured for up to 14 days of income. Along with the income, the parents, as well as family members of the delivery executives, would get hospitalization/ medical expenses, if they are covered by existing health insurance. Currently, Swiggy has more than 2,40,000 delivery partners across India. It said that the funds would also be utilized to support the affected partners & their families through food as well as grocery care packages. 

Posted On 13-Apr-2020 By Vaishali