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Asutosh Gowariker’s Panipat is Sure to Send Audiences across India into a State of Frenzy

Asutosh Gowariker’s Panipat is Sure to Send Audiences across India into a State of Frenzy

As far as historical movies are concerned, there are few better than Asutosh Gowariker in the Hindi film industry. Having churned out blockbusters such as Lagaan and Jodhaa Akbar, Gowariker knows exactly how to execute such movies. His next venture, Panipat, is set to hit theatres across India in less than a month, and movie buffs are already licking their lips at the prospect of another Gowariker masterpiece. Online movie tickets for the movie are already selling like hotcakes, as Asutosh Gowariker fans wait in anticipation for what is sure to be another spectacle from the master director.

The Panipat Premise

The movie is mainly about the Third Battle of Panipat and the key contestants within the battle. Fought in 1761, the battle, along with its causes and consequences, holds a very important place within Indian history. In the years leading up to the battle, the Maratha Empire was undoubtedly going through its most dominant phase. The empire controlled the majority of India and was considered as a mighty force that very few could reckon with.

However, Ahmad Shah Abdali, an Afghan ruler with a large military force, had his eyes set on capturing North India. The Afghans were fearless warriors who were hell-bent on expanding their own territories. In order to lay claim to North India, they persuaded other Muslim rulers in the region to join them and fight against the Marathas.

The Marathas in the meantime were wary of the Afghan threat. However, they did not form powerful alliances in the build-up to the war. Their lack of trust in the Jats and the Rajputs did not earn them any favours from them. In fact, the Jats and the Rajputs turned their backs on the Marathas.

When the Afghans finally made their advance, the Marathas made their stand at Panipat, under the command of SadashivraoPeshwa. Even though the Marathas put together all the effort they could muster to get the better of the Afghans, they ultimately failed. The might of the Afghans was simply too much. Combined with the Maratha’s failure of convincing new and powerful allies to join them, it led to a crushing defeat, which culminated with a considerable weakening of the position and strength of the Maratha Empire.

The Panipat Hype and Why It’s Justified

If you have made an online movie booking to watch Panipat in a theatre near you, we don’t blame you. Ever since the movie was announced, people have been talking about it. The hype generated has been massive and it’s justified.

First of all, Panipat focuses on one of the most interesting battles in Indian history. Not only was it a battle between two powerful sides, but it was also a battle that featured a lot of political, religious and emotional sub-plots. What were Ahmad Shah Abdali’s motivations? Why did Sadashivrao Peshwa not seek powerful allies? Why did the Jats and Rajputs refuse to come to the help of the Marathas? The movie may give us subjective answers for all these questions; answers that our history books could not give us.

Another reason for the massive hype around the movie is the fact that it’s Asutosh Gowariker’s directorial return. To be very honest, his last outing with Mohenjodarowas an immense letdown, especially after the resounding success of Jodhaa Akbar. His stellar works such as Lagaan, Swades, and Jodhaa Akbar have proved that he is an incredible director who is capable of delivering masterpieces that will be remembered through the ages. How well Panipat fares will be an indicator as to whether the director has found his magic touch again or not.

One thing that Gowariker movies always give you is grandeur. He likes to make larger-than-life movies that are more than just movies; he always attempts to make movies that are immersive experiences. A lot of the praise he received for his work on Lagaan, Swades,and Jodhaa Akbar was directed at Gowariker’s efforts at sucking in the audience and making them feel what the characters feel. This type of direction is a rarity in today’s mainstream movies, and if he can make Panipat as immersive as his previous masterpieces, then the audiences are surely in for a treat.

The movie also boasts of a great financial backing, with producers having given Gowariker a 70 crore kitty to make the movie successful. With this kind of financial backing, it will be interesting to see how Gowariker recreates the era of the Afghans and the Marathas at their respective peaks. He always puts in a lot of effort to showcase cultures, customs, and clothing, so we can all expect a lot of grand settings within the movie. One thing to also look forward to is the special effects that have been used to make the battle seem life-like.

The casting too has attracted quite a bit of attention. ArjunKapoor and Sanjay Dutt play the lead roles of SadashivraoPeshwaand Ahmad Shah Abdali respectively. For ArjunKapoor, it will be a chance at redemption, as his recent outings have garnered hefty criticism from the masses. The old warhorse Sanjay Dutt is sure to put in a commanding shift as the fierce Ahmad Shah Abdali.Sanju Baba’s fans are highly excited at the prospect of seeing their favourite actor in a negative role, that too in a historical film.KritiSanon is the eye-candy of the movie, with the pretty woman portraying Parvatibai, Sadashivrao’s wife.

Panipat movie poster

The Trailer’s Out and It Looks Stunning

Trailers can be misleading, but when a trailer looks stunning, you can have at least some expectation regarding the quality of the movie. The trailer shows us glimpses of not just the much-awaited battle scenes, but also the lavishness of the Maratha empire and the might of the aggressive Afghans. Both Sanjay Dutt and ArjunKapoor look beefed up, especially when they have their heavy-duty armours on. KritiSanon, on the other hand, looks ravishing with all her jewellery.Only time will tell if the movie lives up to the terrific trailer and the hype surrounding it. If early signs are anything to go by, we can only say that they are very promising.

The Public Reaction

So far, public reactions after the release of the first-look posters and trailer appear to be overwhelmingly positive. Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS) leader Raj Thackeray took to twitter to express his response to the trailer and it’s fair to say that it was very much in favour of Ashutosh Gowariker. In his tweet, Thackeray has claimed that Gowariker “will achieve victory in the cinematic history”. He also encouraged the masses to go and watch the movie and also mentioned the battle as one of the most important moments in the history of the Marathas.

Your Questions, Our Answers

  • I want to watch Panipat as early as possible. Is there any way that I can watch it for cheap?

Yes, you definitely can! By booking tickets for the movie via BookMyShow, you can enjoy BookMyShow discount coupons and have the perfect Panipat experience at a reasonable price.

  • Which other period drama films can Panipat be compared to?

Asutosh Gowariker’s Panipat is not the first period drama film in the history of the Hindi film industry. Some of the most recent period movies in Hindi film history that Panipat can be compared to are BajiraoMastani(2015), Kesari (2019), Padmaavat(2018), Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019).

  • Who is the art director of the movie?

NitinChandrakant Desai, who is one of India’s most respected art directors, has directed the art for the movie. The National Award winner has wonderfully recreated the famous Maratha fort, Shaniwar Wada, for the movie. He recreated the fort at ND Studios, Karjat.

  • Who is the costume designer of the movie?

The famous Indian designer Neeta Lulla has designed all the exquisite costumes for the movie. She has worked on costumes for over 300 films throughout her career.

  • Who are in charge of the music and lyric composition for Panipat?

The responsibility of composing the soundtrack for the movie was given to Ajay-Atul, a duo of Marathi brothers who specialize in composing Indian folk music. They have received numerous accolades for their work in the past, winning a National Film Award for their outstanding musical work in the 2008 Marathi film Jogwa.

JavedAkhtar was tasked with penning the lyrics, with the master lyricist having contributed hundreds of quality songs to the Hindi film industry over the years.

So far, only one song from the soundtrack has been released. The song, titled ‘Mard Maratha’ has been performed by the composers Ajay-Atul, KunalGanjawala, PadmanabhGaikwad, PriyankaBarve, SudeshBhosle, and SwapnilBandodkar.

  • When did the filming for Panipat start and when was it completed?

AsutoshGowariker started the filming for Panipatin  November 2018 and finished the filming process in June 2019.

  • Apart from the lead actors, which other prominent actors are featured in the movie?

Apart from the lead roles portrayed by ArjunKapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and KritiSanon, the movie features experienced actors such as KunalKapoor,MohnishBahl,PadminiKolhapuri,SuhasiniMulay, and ZeenatAman.

  • Which movies will Panipatbe competing with in the box office?

Panipat is scheduled to release on the same day as Pati, PatniaurWoh, a remake of the highly successful 1978 romantic comedy. It’s safe to say that Panipat boasts of the greater star power, and will be the movie that most people will be waiting for with bated breaths. So, with so much hype surrounding the up and coming Ashutosh Gowariker film, it makes complete sense if you go to your nearest theatre to witness the spectacle for yourself. If you want to enjoy the movie at the best possible prices, be sure to book tickets through BookMyShow coupons or PayTm movie bookings.

Posted On 13-Nov-2019 By Apkaabazar