Must-Have Office Wear Accessories for Working Women’s

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Must Have Accessories for Office Wear

All our life when we are studying, we are quite liberal in terms of what we wish to wear and how we wish to wear except some schools or colleges where a strict dress code is followed.

Before coming on board with the accessories, it is important to know some basic classification of office environments and be aware of what is expected from them.

1. Business formal: Now this is the most stringent one amongst the lot with the least flexibility. Both the sexes have to be highly formal, with neat hair and crisp clothing. Suits are something which is highly common, for both men and women.

2. Corporate Casual: Now this is of much relief as compared to the earlier one with a bit of casual going in terms of what you wear, how you wear and what things you pair your outfit with.

3. Fully causal: Now this is a dream come true for many with no restrictions at all, wear what you want, however you want and whatever accessories you want to adorn. Creative offices like those related to fashion etc. are fun to work at. Be sporty, edgy, OTT or plain doesn’t matter. Only clothes matter (winks).

But if you are someone who falls in the first or second category, then you must be really confused as to what accessories you can wear too because they bring an edge to the overall look and also uplift an entirely boring look, especially for women.

And if you are struggling with the same, then we have a solution for you. Let’s see some viable options you can have for a strict office code.

Office Dress Code

1. Watch

Now this might be an obvious choice for almost anyone who reads it in the first go, but the catch is the type of watch you should have. Avoid blingy watches for office or with too much shine, instead of a simple yet classic one, which perfectly fits on your hand and matches with almost all the outfits, in a neutral color instead of a sharp one.

2. Pendant

A little pendant does not harm when it comes to obeying dress code and still be bang on. Don’t go overboard with the size of the pendant, keep it simple and sophisticated. This will not only give a well-furnished look to your overall attire but would also give an illusion of a slimmer neck.

3. Diamond studs

Now why particularly diamond studs and not other studs?

Because they give a shine, give a sheik look and are also very formal when it comes to donning accessories and still ticking all the checkboxes set for dressing up.

Other studs might either be too small to be noticed or might not seem formal. You can try pearl studs too but diamond ones are a much better option.

4. Belt

Again, quite an obvious choice but important one too. Though you might not be much into belts and might thus ignore this point but for those who wear pants more frequently to the office or formal dresses too, then it is one such thing which must be there in your wardrobe. A sleek belt can completely turn off or amp up the entire look if worn correctly and properly. Do have belts in solid colors like black and brown as they go well and perfect with anything and everything. Don’t experiment much with belts, though a little bit experiment can be done. Avoid colors like red, green etc. as they aren’t formal and might not seem professional too unless and until the solid colors don’t go well.

5. Barrette

Now this simple yet elegant piece of hair accessory is in vogue with professionals opting more for it rather than just plain rubber bands or the usual clips. Metal barrettes can transform your messy hair look into a complete boardroom style with some hair spray and a barrette holding up your hair.

And if you are into buns more, then cute little hair combs or bun holders can work wonders for you.

6. Bracelet

Now if you are not into watches much and still don’t want an empty hand, then bracelets have to be your best friend.

Again like a watch, look out for something that is simple, plain yet chic and sophisticated. Don’t choose one which might look like a thin bangle, instead of a well-placed bracelet only. A sleek one would work great but a bit of work on it should also go well.

Though you might feel like that formal dress codes are hard to follow and involve a lot of thinking, believe us, they involve a lot of creativity too at your part. You get to invest in timeless pieces and actually end up buying stuff which is not immaturish, instead classic.

If you to have something you wanna share with us, please comment down below. We would love to hear from our readers about what they think and what other options they too have. Have a happy time reading.

Work hard and keep dressing!

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