Diwali Decor Ideas

Jazz Up Your House This Diwali with Interesting and Brighting House Decor Ideas

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This is Diwali time and your family must be excited about this festival. Mostly, sweets, fireworks, lamps, and candles top the list. This festival season, decorating the house in colorful colors will add oomph to the house. Though Diwali is all about lights, you can decorate your house with several other things. It is that time of the year when we dust off every corner of the house and furnish it with a young and bright festive vibe. You can do it by setting up lights with diyas, decorative candles, flower decorations, torans and rope lights with pictures, rangoli, Ganesha’s and goddess Laxmi’s idol. They will completely take the overall look of the house to another level. Many designs can help you to beautify your house immediately. 

The best way to decorate your house is by indulging yourself in some DIY decor concepts. Read on to know the ways to accentuate your house this Diwali. In this way, you can be creative and save a lot of money with homely stuff. It also gives a positive vibe to your house and makes every effort look worth. There may be a time when you run out of the ideas. At that time you can use this article to guide you and to give you various decorative ideas. Don’t forget the main motto for everything is to bring smiles, success, abundance, positive energy and wealth to your house.

First things first

Brighting House Decor
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A clutter-free environment is the first thing that should come in mind. It will not only make everything more beautiful but also brings energy into the house. De-clutter any waste material before getting started. Assure that your house is well ventilated and is dust-free. Next, create a vision to see what you want your house to look like. The appropriate way to do this is by getting a colour palette for your home decoration. Having a colour design in your mind will help you concentrate on a particular type of decoration rather than making it a mess. You can create a welcoming ambiance by projecting mild colours like yellow, orange and red. If you are a bold soul and want to do something different then don’t hesitate and use bold colours like purple and gold too.

Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali Decoration Ideas
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To ensure that you don’t come short of ideas this season, we have listed a few ideas for renovating your homes this Diwali:

· Lamps

· Rangoli

· Lanterns

· Diyas & Tea-Lights

· Candles

· Floral design

· Torans

Decoration of an Available Wall

This can be one of the greatest ways of preserving your hard-earned money during Diwali! Choose one of the walls of the house that is most prominently evident when somebody enters the place. Get this entire section designed as gracefully as you can. You can either create it on your own or an expert can be hired for the same! Or, if you cannot get it designed, apply some eye-catchy wall sticker or wallpaper. Great thought in budget and to enhance your home during Diwali!!

What can be more satisfying than sparking up cherished memories? This is a wonderful way to transform empty or available wall spaces. Fairy lamps are easily available in Flipkart and also, quite affordable. String up a series of fairy lights and assure there is enough space between points. Then, print out some favorite pictures of your family and friends. Attach or clip on the pictures in between the lights and view your memories come aglow! You can prepare this in any room, particularly the living room. You can make it a focal spot of interest in the dining room. 

Decoration of Entrance Door

There are many ways available in which you can make your entrance door more beautiful. A grand collection of rangoli, flower designs, and a lamp with the bright garlands can produce a charming vibe all around the house. You can attach some string torans to make it look more put together. Apart from decoration, all these items are considered to be the symbol for embracing goddess Laxmi into your house and to furnish love and prosperity.

Decorative Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli

Rangoli is the skill of drawing images and figures on the floor with chalk, vivid sawdust, and flour bit to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. The traditional rangoli themes for Diwali are religious symbols like mangal Kalash, Goddess Laxmi’s footprints at the house entrance, Om, Swastik, illuminated Deepak, Shree, etc. To magnify the beauty of your rangoli, put a lighted Diya in the middle of the rangoli. You can also use flower leaves and parts to heighten the beauty of the Rangoli. Add some gold and silver shimmer on top of your rangoli to attach a sparkle to your Diwali. Add an artistic twist to your rangoli with some lively colors and designs using play dough. Also, design diyas alongside interesting designs, to add a charming touch to your rooms. You could also use paper cutouts and poster paints to make stencil rangoli decorations on the floor.

Rangoli designs created by colored sand, flour or flowers have their love, but for those who can’t make time from their hectic schedule can try cardboard or wood shape board’s rangoli. You can either use cardboard or wood board, cover them and embellished with jewels, mirrors, beads, and Kundan. You can also use scrap items to create marvelous artwork. It is manageable and re-useable.

Embellishing Diyas and Candles:

Embellishing Diyas and Candles
Source: Flickr

Decorative candles and diyas are the main highlights of Diwali and you can make these candles and diyas at your house too. Use waste cans to make candle holders, cover this can with painted paper and put the candles in it. Put candles in your living room, on the outer wall. If there is a garden in your home, beautify your yard with diyas and lights make sure that they do not hurt plants. Place diyas on the fence of the garden and you can fasten candle holders in the garden. It gives an illusion of swinging lights. Diyas and candles come in beautiful designs. Brighten up your home with fragrant candles. Floating diyas are also available on Amazon in different shapes in the market. A glass jar having floating candles and diyas in it looks beautiful.

Beautiful Candle Inside Jar

Candle Inside Jar
Source: Flickr

Decorative candles in mason jars are such a masterpiece. You can simply choose mason jars in different sizes and colours, and then wrap them with threads, ribbons, or yarns, and set your candle with its holder inside the jar.  There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate a mason jar to give it a different effect. Unleash your hidden Gustav Klimt to create elaborate patterns. For the best outcomes, use an acrylic paint that runs well on a glass surface.

Decorative Lights:

Diwali Lamps
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 In the celebration of lights, the rooms look beautiful with the brightness of the diyas and candles. The use of diverse forms of lights along with the old diyas, bring a very pleasant feel to it. Brighten up the house with a lot of diyas and apply them in the Rangoli that is made with flowers and tones. Use the usual lanterns or the new beautiful and decorative lanterns to provide a freshly brewed ethnic look. The illumination of the candles and other electrical lights, intensify up the country so beautifully that particularly on this night. Check out for some more decorative diyas and candles for this Diwali season. You can decorate your home with beautiful lights; decorate exterior walls with rope lights. If you have a garden, finish it with decorative lights; decorate up the big trees with string lights. Pillars can be adorned with flowers and bright strings. This Diwali, you can decorate your living room with a chandelier.

String lights can be embedded in almost anything. Grab hold of a few mason jars and load them up with the lights. Now all you have to do is get the best place to fix them. Make small crisscross cuts on the bottom of paper cups and put the lights in through them. This way the paper cups serve as lampshades giving the lights a different look altogether.

The Auspicious Lakshmi & Ganesha Idol

Auspicious Lakshmi & Ganesha
Source: Flickr

With the arrival of Diwali, the market and online stores get flooded with different types of Ganesha and Laxmi’s idol. You can find it in different colors, patterns, designs, and forms. You can buy it according to your decoration theme and patterns. It will eventually accentuate the overall decorative patterns and make the pooja ghar more beautiful.


Try new home furnishing articles from Papperfry such as bedsheets, new pillows, furniture covers, floor rugs, furniture and curtains around the house to bring a new life in your home. If you do not have the means to buy a new one then just wash your old ones in warm water with some good soap powered and iron them well to get new shine in them. If your bedroom needs brightness and you do not have a chance to get it repainted before Diwali, put a splendid painting, throw in some bright color pillows, include a cotton ornamental sari to your curtain and there you are. The room will look unusual and more polished without much time spent.

Flower Decoration:

Flowers make your home aromatic and elegant. Flowers are great to adorn your home. Take some flowers and create a garland out of them. Decorate this garland on stair rails, stair handles and at the house door. Add string lights with this decorative garland to add excellence to your home decoration. Put rose petals in a glass bowl loaded with water and put it at the dining table or living room table. Take an elite flower vase, arrange it with fragrant flowers, and present it a centerpiece of the house.

Cheer Your Home with Paper Flower Torans

When it gets to quick and easy decorating designs at pocket-friendly prices, paper always shows to be handy. A splendid way of using paper for your home’s Diwali decor this season is creating paper flower torans. Torans are utilized for decorating the head of doors, providing the entrance a royal look of welcome. Use two or more colored papers for creating flower-shaped, scrunched toran hanging and attach bells at their ends.

Poja Thali

Poja Thali

On this propitious day, idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are invoked. Put flower garlands of pretty flowers near the toes of idols, along with the pooja thali. Instead of utilizing a plain thali, paint the pooja thali to provide it a fabulous and beautiful look. Pooja thalis are also accessible at Flipkart and Amazon in different shapes, shades, and designs. To give a new feel to this custom, decorate the pooja thali or buy a beautiful embellished one! Get the Puja area adorned with lights, diyas and elegantly decorate Puja thali! The most comprehensive and important thing during Diwali is the illustration of the Puja thali. Get everything necessary for the Puja and decorate it skilfully to take in the festive flavor.

Decorative Lamps 

Decorative Lamps
Source: Flickr

Decorative Lamps are an excellent way to enhance your decor without making a big promise. You can place a lamp aside sofa or in the middle of the table and bring the attention to its beauty. Not only that, it will also give a scented aura to the entire house. So choose your lamps wisely. It’s up to you what kind of lamp you want. You can go for a bold lamp with elaborated a design on it or you can go for softer hue and patter which will have soft designs to lighten up the area. If you’re looking for a second fix, try exchanging out the lampshade for a rich, patterned alternative.

Get Decorative Items At an Affordable Price

As people wear elegant traditional outfits like sarees, kurta pajama, salwar kurtas, equal consideration should also be given to renovating your space to heighten the joy of the festival. On the Choti Diwali day, you can use different home décor ideas like utilizing candles with elegant designs and putting them on the table, using Ganesha idols and Lakshmi idols and putting them in your living room, Pooja room and even your kitchen. Use celebration lanterns, rice lights, a line of LED fancy and multicolor bulbs and hang them everywhere in your living space/home/office space and feel extraordinary. Festival lanterns, skylights, traditional paintings, wall hangings, and many more Diwali decor items can be used to embellish your home and admire the festival in great joy and beauty.

Get a Varied Variety of Diwali Decoration Items Online

There are many Diwali gifts at the online gift store, including Diwali essentials, Diwali decor presents, sweets, and house and living gifts. Every year, people in huge numbers go for Diwali decorative lights online purchasing, as online gifting is very convenient. You can ship gifts online anywhere from Flipkart, with just a few clicks. They have a full range of Diwali decor pieces online. Here, you can get unique floating Diya, candles, lamps, and decorative Diyas online.

You can choose suitable gifts for your friends as per your specifications. So, if you want to buy Diwali lights online, you can get it at a budget-friendly price because there will be a Diwali sale on Amazon soon. Or, if you need to buy electric Diyas for Diwali, browse through Amazon’s collection of beautiful Diyas online.You can also order astonishing Diwali Kandil online for your buddies, which will vivify their places immensely. They also have many clay Diyas online on Amazon. So, all you have to do is order your chosen gifts online, and they will guarantee you get to enjoy the hassle-free online gift transportation service. 

And, last

but not the least, helpful way of adding on to the appreciative beauty of your home is drawing smiles and happiness in others’ life. This will, in turn, invite the light of happiness and happiness in your home that is the most powerful and the most pocket-friendly element of renovating your home!! Diwali is the ideal festival for parties, get-together, and entertainment in India. To make this ominous occasion even more personal, you can create a different array of decorative items using easy household materials ranging from flexible spoons to sea-shells. Of course, you will also need light fixtures, tea lights, diyaas and a lot of other Diwali appropriate supplies, which are readily available in great quality at Amazon and you can use the ApkaaBazar Coupons to avail huge discounts. Follow your soul without overlooking your brain and chalk out Diwali décor projects with the guidance of ideas suggested above.

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