How to plan a Picture Perfect Valentine’s Day for your Beloved Wife

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Perfect Valentine's Day for your Beloved Wife

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and it is that part of the year when your partner wants that special added attention besides what they want on birthdays, anniversaries or any other day. But it is mostly wives who are a bit attention seeker as husbands tend to pay less attention to them because of their work or other stuff.

So Valentine’s has now become a religious day like any other special occasion wherein wives turn a bit demanding and want their partners, that is husbands, to do something special for them. Whether it be going out for lunch/dinner, making them go shop or anything which they just love to do.

So if you are worried as to what to do, then we are at your rescue to bring some possible things you can do to make this Valentine’s a memorable day and keep your wife happy for the next few days, weeks or months if not more (All the husbands reading this know what is implied by this).

Happy Valentine Day

Before fiddling about more, let’s get started:

1. Plan a fun outing with her

Now by this we don’t mean usual outing of shopping or something, instead a fun and enthralling outing like any fun couple activity being planned nowadays, or any adventurous activity that both of you can enjoy together in your city, or even boating or something in case you have lakes in and around.

2. Gift her some piece of jewellery or gem

Now all husbands must be aware of the fact that jewellery pieces and gems are something which any lady enjoys and loves to collect. This is the perfect time to gift them something which you might have planned for a long time or compensate for any mistake you did earlier (wink and laughs). You can even buy them precious gems as they are much alluring and appealing. Though every jewellery piece is the same in terms of attractiveness.

3. Spend complete day with her

Yes, for some wives it is all about quality time with their husbands and not going out or shopping. If this is the case with you, make them feel special by devoting a complete day of yours to them. Get up early and prepare their favorite breakfast, even if you aren’t good at cooking, this sweet and generous gesture of yours will surely melt their heart. Set a movie date at your home only with some popcorns and drinks. You could even help them with preparing food as this is what makes them the most happiest. Spend quality time, away from your laptop, work or office. Be with them the whole day.

4. Do some DIY

DIY, that is Do it Yourself, is quite in vogue these days with a lot of people coming up with ideas to make something which they could use by creating it out of something you don’t expect at all. You could try your hand with something similar, this will reflect your efforts towards making them happy and satisfied. You could also make a card by yourself or write a heartfelt letter or how the journey has been with them as a partner and more. This will help you in saying what you feel without being conscious in front of something or being shy towards expressing yourself.

Perfect Valentine's Day

5. Recreate lovely moments of your journey with them

Though this might seem to be old school but holds special place in everyone’s hearts as it feels special to recreate and relive the lovely moments you had in your marital or love life till the day. You could recreate the moments of the day when you proposed her, or when you went out for your first ever coffee date, or in case you have kids so the moment when she surprised you with the news of arrival of a new member in the family and a lot more. All the special moments which you think must be recreated or some also, try to do this your way.

6. Gift packages for miles away

Now if your wife is away from you in some other city or country and it’s not possible for both of you to meet and celebrate this day, then surprise her by ordering something from any store nearby her place and get it delivered when she’s least expecting it. This will make her feel lot of special and will always help her feel as if both of you are with each other. This is not only generous but chivalrous too, when it comes to professing your love for your ladylove. Or if possible, surprise her by meeting her on that day and spending the whole day together. Doesn’t it sound great and lovely, both at the same time?

7. Spa time for relaxation

If both of you are someone who want to get relaxed and spend the whole day relaxing, then just book a spa session for both of you with massages, facials and all and have a hearty day out. And if your wife loves this but you aren’t into it, surprise her by accompanying her with all these things. Yes, she will feel weird at first if you aren’t someone who is into all this, but would understand that it’s Valentine’s and that she is the boss!

8. Sit back and talk about love, life and marriage

Yes, last but not the least. If nothing strikes you about what to do and what not to, then just sit back with your wife with the photo album of your marriage or if you have kids, then photo album of your kids and go back to the old memories and just talk about what happened, how, and recall any funny moments you can recall with each other or with others too. It’s like recollecting old golden memories about love, life and marriage with the person whom you love the most.

So here we are at the end of this long blog on yet again Valentine’s day. Hope you had a gala time reading and must have got some if not whole of the idea to go about this time’s Valentine’s.

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