How to Manage Shopping Budget in Festive Season

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Manage Shopping Budget in Festive Season

90% of shoppers will do impulse shopping in the holiday season and if you are one among those buyers then we can totally feel you. The festive season is to have fun and enjoyment but it comes with a price too. But you don’t have to worry as we are here to share some tips and tricks which will help you save a lot without compromising much. So, let’s see how you can shop within budget in this festive season.

Make a List: This is the first rule whenever you are planning to shop. Start by, making a list of items you need and want to spend money on. This will save you from purchasing anything that is not required and you will not waste your money. Making a list will actually tell you what all is necessary at the moment and you will have a specific shopping time. Studies show that people who do not make a list before shopping buy many other things which are not required which eventually makes you spend more than required. Not only will it save your money but making a list will also save your time a lot.

online shopping managementDon’t go Cashless: We all know how convenient it is to pay with credit/debit card but paying with cash helps you save a lot. Yes, if you have certain amount of cash in your pocket then you will be conscious while spending it as you don’t want to run out of cash. This trick is not just when you are going to a mall or store; you can also try this with online shopping by always choosing COD option. So, try this cash-only method and set a budget for yourself for each week that you can only spend this much amount which is in your pocket and you will save a lot.

Bank/Credit Card Offers: If the amount of the product which you want to purchase is huge and you still want to use your cards then we would recommend you to check for offers there also. Yes, during the festive season many banks will offer discount on various credit and debit cards. You can check them out and make a payment so that you are eligible for cash back or any other offers. Many websites also offer “No EMI offers” for high-end products where you can pay monthly instalments without bearing any additional cost. Now you can also go for “EMI from Debit Card” as having a credit card is not essential for EMI’s. How amazing is that?

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Compare Offers: During festive seasons almost every website will have Amazing Deals and Offers. So, if you want to purchase something and you see it on discount during the festive season then don’t just get excited and buy it in the first go. Instead, go and compare the price/discount on 2-3 websites so that you can choose the best out of best. If you will do this kind of comparison then you will definitely get the best deal online.

manage online shoppingCoupons/Gift Cards: If you spend some time before spending then you will get a very good deal. During festive seasons you will find many coupons for almost every website and if you will use them wisely then your discounted item will get cheaper. You can also check Apkaabazar for Offers/Coupons and then you can have a joyful festive time without compromising on your budget.

Return/Exchange Policies: While shopping during the festive season people usually get very excited seeing their item on discount and buy that instantly. But you don’t do this mistake, before buying anything check the return policy and Exchange offers carefully and if it is a cosmetic product then check the expiry and everything before splurging. There are many websites which offer “30 day Replacement Policy” which is a very good thing as you can return the product your purchased within 30 days if there is any defect or any other flaw. This way you will not become a fool while shopping and your efforts will not be wasted.

If you are worried about the expenses this festive season will bring in your life then don’t worry and follow the above-mentioned money management tricks. These tips will bring joy and wealth to your lives for sure.

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