Get Cheap Cab Booking For Outstation Trips

How to Get Cheap Cab Booking For Outstation Trips?

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Travelling is the most sought activity among human beings. We all love to travel to different places to enjoy nature and escape the busy hustles of our daily lives. What makes it more enjoying is when we can go without having to worry about transportation in such places. But many times, we fail to avail of the cab rides due to high expenses.

But not anymore as the leading cab rental service providers are upgrading their services along with their rental tariffs as well. The leading online travel companies are providing cheap taxi booking online services to all the niches of the customers in the society. So now you can ride to your weekend gateway with outstation cab rides without having to worry about burning a hole in the pocket.

But how to determine which one would be the best option for your next travel? If this question bothers you, then this blog is undoubtedly going to help you to book the best outstation cab for your next trip.

The Top Outstation Cab Service Providers in the Market

Due to the popularity of such outstation cabs among travel enthusiasts, many companies are providing such services in the market. However, the renowned cabs service provides in the market are:

  • Ola Outstation
  • Uber Intercity
  • GetMeCab

These reputed companies provide you the best solutions for your travel plans to any cities within the country. Before diving into the facts about outstation cab bookings, let us take a look at the services of these brands mentioned above.

MakeMyTrip Limited is an Indian company that provides travel solutions to people all over the country. This company was founded in the year 2000 and had its headquarters at Gurugram in Haryana. This online travel company offers a wide range of services like holiday packages, bus and air tickets, hotel reservations, and online cab services. provides you the online platform to choose tourist cabs for railway transfer, hotel transfer, along with day packages. They also offer intercity cab rides along with well-mannered experienced drivers. You can select the pickup date from their app or website along with the car type according to your preferences.

The company also provides several kinds of offers and discounts like Makemytrip cab coupons for their loyal customers throughout the year. That way, you get the opportunity to save while not having to compromise with the luxury of travelling in a car.

Ola Services

Ola Cabs is the brainchild of ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and was founded in the year of 2010. It is also an Indian online cab booking service provider who offers services like outstation cab rides, pool car services, etc.

Ola has a specialized service for the travel lovers in and around almost all the towns within the country. This service is popularly known as the Ola outstation services, which offer comfortable rides to travel destinations around the country.

The unique feature of Ola outstation rides is that you do not have to pay any advance money to the company. You can choose to pre-book the cab according to your preferences. If you wish, you can also book the taxi just a few hours before your trip.

Ola also has features where you can choose the type of vehicle for your outstation travel plans. They provide a long list of sedans, hatchbacks, luxury cars as well as SUVs for their customers. This way, Ola aims to make your outstation travelling plans quick and convenient.

The USP of this company lies in its user-friendly online platform, which reaches out to all sorts of customers in the country. The developer has formed the Ola app according to the needs and requirements of their customers; hence, anyone can access this app and make their cab booking instantly.

Apart from all these benefits of using Ola, you also get the opportunity of availing valuable Ola discounts on your cab rides. Ola itself has many offers going on throughout the year. However, you can also look for coupons for Ola to avail of some special discount offers for your next ride.

Another famous online travel company is This online company was established in the year 2007 and since then has managed to serve millions of customers within the country. Apart from lucrative hotel deals, this company also provides cab services to their clients.

You get to choose between outstation cabs and airport cabs while booking one for your travel. You also can book a one-way trip or a round way according to your convenience. All you have to do is enter your location, area of travel, and the date on their website or app accordingly.

The search results provide you the information about the next available ride for you. Thereby it gives you an idea of the availability of cabs around your location for your next trip. Along with this information, you also get to choose the appropriate car type and model according to your travel requirement.

Uber services

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an extremely popular name among the people for its high-end cab services and polite, experienced driver-partners. It is a multinational company that offers services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, bikes, scooters, and outstation cabs.

Whether you need to go around the city or a business meeting in another town, Uber intercity rides are one of the best in the market. They will provide you the most comfortable and yet affordable transportation options for your travelling expeditions. They cover almost all the places within the country and even offer the opportunity to choose the car according to the number of passengers. They have options of intercity cabs which are:

  • Go Intercity
  • Premiere intercity
  • XL intercity

From these options, you can choose the vehicle type according to your requirements. You can open their user-friendly app and put in your destination to check their fare estimates. Thereby you can select the car type and proceed with your booking.

GetMeCab Services

One of the country’s largest intercity cab service providers is GetMeCab, which provides a one-stop solution to your travel needs. Right from outstation cabs to airport transfers and local cabs, you can avail all kinds of cab services form this company. They provide services to almost all the main cities and towns of the country like Kolkata, Agra, Shimla, Bhopal, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh,  Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc.

Not only do they provide you with well-behaved experienced cab drivers, but they also offer 24*7 excellent customer support. The drivers that you accompany you are police verified, which ensures the security of the customers. This company maintains a transparent billing policy to avoid any miscommunication with its clients.

With the services of GetMeCab, you get the chance to choose the vehicle according to your convenience. They provide you with an ample amount of options consisting of almost all the leading car models in the market. They also offer budget-friendly packages and discount coupons for their esteemed customers. is an online travel company that provides different kinds of services to make their clients’ journeys a memorable one. This company is based in Haryana and dates back to the year 2006. Since then, this company has provided the most exceptional travelling services to its clients in and around the country. Right from air tickets to outstation cab rides, you get it all on their website and app. provides the opportunity to their customers to book both one way as well as a round trip for their outstation rides. You also get the option of booking more number of cabs depending on the strength of the passengers. provides secure payment gateway options for the security of their clients. You can book the cab here with advance payment, and you would receive the details via SMS and email. You would also receive a voucher stating all the information of your payment right within two hours of your payment. provides you with the driver and car details on the day of your journey and also the detailed information on your pickup and travel time.

Thus whether you are travelling for a holiday or your next business meeting in another city, you can go without a worry with the services of

Few Interesting Queries Regarding Intercity Cab Rides

It is quite reasonable to have questions regarding booking an outstation cab for your next travel plan. These questions can be about the services of a particular company or about how to book a cab ride!

What Are The Top Things To Remember While Booking A Cab Ride?

Gone are those days when you have to stand in a queue to get a cab ride to your hotel or for an airport transfer. The services of the online travel companies have given us the chance to enjoy our rides along with our trips within an affordable price range. However, while booking such a ride to your dream destination or an intercity location, keep these essential points in mind:

  • Compare the Packages of Different Companies

It is advisable to check out all the ongoing offers while booking an outstation ride for yourself. Also, do check the different packages offered by the cab rental companies to get the best deal for your next travel.

  • Fill In the Exact Time and Date While Booking an Online Cab

You need to enter the correct time slot as well as the date for your next travel. That is because; it helps the company to provide you the best options available for that period.

  • Give the Exact Location Details on the App As Well As To the Driver to Avoid Any Mishaps

Remember that several places might not be known to the driver-partner. So to avoid any misunderstanding during the trip, do provide the details of the exact location to your driver.

  • Choose the Model and the Car Type According To Your Requirement

Mostly all the leading cab rental companies provide the option to select the car type and model for intercity trips. Hence while booking the outstation cab ride for your family, choose the car according to the number of passengers.

  • Check for the Payment Gateway Available on the Company’s App

Check thoroughly about the payment system available with the cab booking company to avoid any future mishaps. If you need to make an advance payment, do keep a copy of the invoice for the booking details for your travel. However, if you have to pay after the trip, then check the invoice properly before making the payment.

  • Check the Driver’s Photo, Contact Information, and the Car Details

Once the company confirms the cab booking, you immediately get the details of the car along with the driver via SMS. However, in the case of outstation rides, you get the details two hours before your trip. In any case, make sure to check the features before boarding the cab to ensure safety or you and your family.

  • Do Keep a Check on the Route by the Driver

Keep a route map of the destination handy to avoid any security problems during the journey. Also, do check the route provided by the company for security reasons.

Common FAQs

Here are a few such informative and commonly asked questions about outstation cab rides along with replies for your reference.

Can I Trust The Ola Outstation Services?

Ola outstation services are quite reliable and well known among travellers around the country. The Respectful driver-partners and the comfortable cab rides have garnered a vast client base for this company.

The drivers are always on time, and they maintain proper safety rules during their ongoing rides. You also get the option to pay online with Ola money. The online transactions would help you to travel cashless and without any hassles on the road.

Other than this, the most significant benefit of this service is that you can book the cab just an hour before your trip. You are no more waiting in the queues or booking problems with the Ola outstation rides.

Do I Need To Pay The Toll Charges During My Outstation Cab Ride?

Your rented cab may be charged with a toll fee and other road surcharges on different bridges and tunnel crossings. Whether you have to pay the toll fee or not entirely depends on the policies of the company providing the intercity cab rides. 

However, in the case of the leading cab rental service providers, generally, the toll fees are added to the final fare. You can check the final invoice to know the exact breakup of the final charges before making a payment to the company.

What Is The Difference Between Ola Outstation Service And Rental Service?

The Ola outstation service allows the customer to rent a cab for travelling to several destinations around the city. However, one can avail of such services by booking the rides two hours in advance to their travel. 

In the case of Ola rental services, the policies are a bit different than the outstation cab bookings. Here you get to book the rental cab on an hourly basis instead of point-to-point drop and pick up services.

How Can Discount Coupons for Taxi Help You to Save On Cab Booking?

Many people do not avail of the joy of riding in an outstation cab for their trips, as these rides seem like an expensive option to them. You might stress upon losing out on money when it comes to intercity or outstation cab rides. But this isn’t the scene anymore because of the offers and discounts available for such trips.  The leading cab service providers like Ola, Uber, Makemytrip, Goibibo, etc. provide affordable packages as well as offers for their clients.

They formulate exclusive discount coupons for their regular customers and also according to different festivals in the country. There are other websites available for the users which solely provide coupons like Ola coupons, Makemytrip cab coupons, etc. for the customers to save their money no their next outstation rides.

How Can I Book An Intercity Ride In Advance?

You can schedule a ride on the company’s app in advance to your scheduled trip. You have to provide the date and time of your travel, choose your vehicle, and the destination accurately. Once you entered all these facts, you would get the fare estimate for your intercity cab ride. You can proceed accordingly on the app to book the cab in advance for your trip.

Do The Intercity Rides Charges Include Fuel Charges Too?

Generally, the total fare is inclusive of the fuel charges along with the driver’s costs and the rental fees. However, few companies do provide you with the option of choosing the cab with or without the fuel charges. In case you decide to rent a taxi without fuel charges, then you have to fill in the fuel in the cab separately. Never compromise with your luxurious travel plans anymore. Instead, look for the companies that can provide you with the best outstation travel plan for your next trip. That is because; outstation rides are no longer costly if you get hold of the appropriate coupons by the company for their journeys. All you need to do is keep an eye over these coupons and ongoing offers to save your money on such trips.

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