How to Decorate a newly bought House for a Personalized Touch

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How to Decorate Your House for a Personalized Touch

All of us dream to have a house of ours, which we can say that belongs to us and has been bought with our hard earned money. We all thrive to achieve that dream, a dream of our own house. And when that day comes, at first it seems unbelievable that it is true. When we realize that it has actually happened, it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get start with the work!

Now what work it is being referred to here?

It is the work to decorate your house as per your personal style and to give it a look which defines you as a person and reflects your personality. There must be a section which should be truly and completely yours, so that whenever you want to chill or just feel like relaxing, then that is one corner in your house which would suit that feeling of yours. It could be in the balcony, or some spot close to the window in your room or drawing room. Or any wall, any wall hanging or painting that defines how you are! Basically anything when if someone sees, then must say that, “Hey! This must be your choice for sure because it’s you.”

Though no one else better than you can define your style and bring it to reality, but we have proposed some ideas based on our personal experience which might lure you and give an idea as to how you can use that or enhance it!

1.  Old is gold

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If you are someone who loves antique pieces or is an art lover, then there must be an antique painting or wall hanging, or maybe a painting from your favorite lot of painters somewhere in the house or even a showpiece like a wall clock, cabinet. Maybe at you favorite wall! What say?

Note: You can add some great old-time pieces for that antique look with old radios also for showpiece or anything that remind you of your old times.

2. Blast of colors  – Click Here

If you are someone who loves to play with colors and have that personality who’s just someone who brings out a pop of vibrant shade even out of a dull colour, then why not have it in your house too?

It could either be in the form of 3D paint on the walls, some vibrant painting, bedsheets, blanket, carpet or even colors on a white or some other light background. It could be anything which nullifies the dullness or lightness of the background.

Don’t go overboard with the colors, else it would feel like as if some child has spill his or her color palette on the wall or in the house. Be smart while going for bold colors as they can make or break the whole look of your house. If you are planning of doing something on a single wall, then keep it in contract but in sync with other walls.

3. Some lights are not bad, even in day! – Click Here For Marvelous lights

If you are someone who loves lights or false ceilings or something, then this is surely for you. Don’t spare from having some extra lights besides the usual ones in your house. Like fairy lights falling on a table which when lit in the evening would light up the whole room. Or even false ceiling too if being classic is something you cherish.

Colored lamps fixed in paper cups or old glasses is a way to make best out of waste!

Lights are good to add but not in excess. Keep it minimalistic yet chic and quirky like the paper cub bulbs or something.

4. Be exquisite and different with some chic pieces – Click here for Decor

It is not necessary that you always have to add colors or lights or something. You can even bring some exquisite pieces which suit your personality and sense of style.

Like instead of a huge sofa, you could have a comfortable seating in the hall area like the below.

Or a comfy dining table instead of a fancy one, or even a small sitting space near your bed in your bedroom or close to the window.

Nowadays there are multi-purpose pieces which work both as sofa and bed. They are great for people who are tight on budget but still want to invest in some good pieces for their house. Besides furniture, you can also go for show pieces like huge vases with colorful artificial flowers, an aquarium or something too. They not only would decorate your house but let you be available with someone whom you could talk to.

5. Curtains are the best! – Click Here For Curtain

Yes, when you don’t know what to go for or something which stands out but still want to experiment and bring that quirky you, then play with curtains! They are evergreen pieces which are available in varied colors and types. Choose as per your home décor and color coordination and you are done. But it is highly important that you color coordinate your curtains with the color of your entire house or even your furniture. The material also must be kept in mind with respect to the room like whether it is drawing room, bedroom or what!

Note: It is highly important that you don’t go overboard with anything. It must not look like you tried to add all that you could within a small space or got over-board with the options available and ended with up a circus!

Coordinate among your items well, implement your thought process and research. Research well before spending money and getting that thing done or buying an item.

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