Plan A Perfect Marriage Function

How To Plan A Perfect Marriage Function

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Marriages are made in heaven. Life cannot be more perfect when you finally find someone with whom you can spend your entire life with. The day you marry is the biggest day of your life. This is the day when you make thousands of memories and enjoy the most with your friends, family, and, most importantly, with your partner. Every bride and groom dreams of a perfect wedding. A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment.

Every couple wants this day to be perfect. Planning a wedding can be an extremely exhausting task. A wedding is not a single day ritual. It involves organizing so many functions like Sangeet, Mehandi, ring ceremony, etc. Planning every function dreamily can be pretty daunting. It is better that while sorting out things, you focus on one thing at a time. It will help you manage things intelligently. The division of responsibilities helps to organize things in a very efficient way.

So if you have a wedding around the corner, donot worry. Stay calm and keep the following things in mind to make your wedding day a big success.

Plan A Marriage Function

1) Prepare a checklist: The first step is to prepare a checklist of your own. Jot down a list of things that you want. You can either prepare a wedding diary or can take the help of a spreadsheet. This will help you to keep things simple and easier. Consolidate your thoughts in one place and then start the work. Take one thing at a time. There are several applications available on the internet that can help you with this.

2) Set the budget: It is the utmost important step that one has to keep in mind. Managing finances is extremely significant. There are a lot of things that are to be planned like venue, gifts, jewelry, partywear dresses, and much more. So instead of messing the things up, you must set your budget.

This task involves the guidance of an experienced person. It’s always advisable to take the help of your elders to manage the flow of money. You can also collaborate with a renowned wedding planner in your town for the same. One pro tip that should be kept in mind always is to keep some buffer money aside in case you run out of the cash. Keeping extra money always lets you manage difficult situations that you may encounter during the ceremonies.

3) Decide the theme: This is the most amazing part of a wedding. Usually, couples these days want a theme wedding or, more likely, a destination wedding. The choice is yours, but it’s a good idea to preplan things. You can decide things with a wedding planner or with your family. The theme, the colour coordination of the setup requires maximum attention. There are limitless options when you go for a theme wedding. Fairy tale wedding, royal wedding, the green wedding being some of them.

In case you are planning a destination wedding, deciding a venuethat can collaborate with your theme is the first step. You can then work out things with the hotel staff and your wedding planner(in case you have hired a one) on the necessary arrangements for a theme wedding.

4) Make a guest list: Your relatives add fun and frolic to your wedding day. Making a guest list in advance helps you to decide your budget accordingly. Enlist the people whom you want to be a part of your big day and send them invitations 10 -15 days prior. Pre invites will help the people plan accordingly to be a part of your big day. If you do this step beforehand, it will help you in deciding the venue and accommodation. Inform your bridesmaid and groomsman at the earliest so that they can also make their arrangements in the way you want them to be.

5) Decide the venue: The next step is to decide the venue. Once the budget is set,the guest list is ready, the dates of all the functions are decided, finalizing the venue becomes easy. You can go through the reviews of all wedding spots at your place on the internet. That will make your choice easier. You can also visit the options with your family or with your partner. Going through the décor and ambiance of the place can help you decide better. You can also go through the previous work done by the hotel or banquet hall staff to make a perfect choice. Once you have made a choice, you can briefly explain the theme and the type of arrangements you want to concerned authorities before finalizing the contract.

In case you are planning a destination wedding venue should be booked at the earliest. Decide a place that has committed staff and excellent guest services. The invitation card should have a map to reach the venue so that your guests donot face any problem. You also have to make the necessary arrangement for booking flights for guests and hotel rooms too.

6) Design and give away the wedding cards: If you have done the above four steps, it’s the time to get your wedding cards printed. Go through all the choices of printers available at your place who can do this work at affordable prices. Pick the desired design and get the wedding cards printed according to the guest list. Sending your invites on time is the most important step in planning a wedding. Adding a sweet box with a wedding card can be a nice combination.

7) Book the accommodation: If you have a long guest list, it becomes really important to book the accommodation for your guests in advance. Choose a place that is near to your venue. The rooms should be available at affordable prices. The hotel rooms should be clean and tidy. There should be proper arrangement for food too. The perks of booking good hotel rooms are many. It saves you time and money. Your guests get a decent place to stay. You can always crack a sweet deal with little intelligence. The hotel room bookings can be made at minimal prices with

8) Choosing the best caterers: Food adds spice to a wedding function. After all, everyone’s taste buds need an authentic experience. If your wedding venue does not provide catering options, you have to book a caterer asap. Research online for the caterer that offers the best services in your town and arrange a meeting. Decide the menu for all the functions with them. Always take your partner along for a mutual decision. You can always try different cuisines for diverse functions. Do not forget to add your personal touch when you decide on the menu. After all, it’s your wedding. Settle the prices with the potential option during the meeting. It is always advisable to book a caterer beforehand when the wedding season is on. Go for the one who specializes in all cuisines. Find the one which caters you.

9) Arrange transportation: It is very important to have a reliable transportation service during a wedding. Picking up and dropping your guests to the destination avoids chaotic situations. If you have a destination wedding booking, air tickets or cars, have to be done soon. There are many efficient cab booking services available. They provide excellent pick and drop facilities. The distance of the wedding venue plays a crucial role when you take the services of transportation companies. Uber rides are always available for short distances. With exclusive services, you can even rent some cars and vans to avoid any awful situation.Ola offers easy rides adding further convenience. This company is user-friendly that provides you with the opportunity of availing good discounts too.

10) Decide a photographer or a videographer: Photography and videography are need of the hour. Who doesn’t want to capture the best day of their life? With the increasing craze of pre-wedding photoshoots and videography among the youth, this sector is in boom these days. You, too, need the best for your big day. You can go through the work of top-notch photographers and videographers at your place with your partner. Discuss your thoughts and ideas with a professional person who can sought your dreams to reality. You can find several options at your place. Getting lit photographs is the ultimate requirement.

11) Book a florist: Flowers add liveliness to your décor. Beautiful flowers that go with your wedding theme can be so eye-catching. Check with your florist if he can avail you of the flowers you want. Enigmatic roses, orchids,lilies can do wonders. Flowers add love and warmth to a wedding. You can also customize to make arrangements unique and memorable. Discuss your wedding theme with your florist so that he can decorate the venue according to that. Always go for the one who fits in your budget.

12) Hire a DJ or a musician: Music can add fun to your sangeet ceremony as well as to your wedding. The DJ plays a very vital part in adding flavour to your ceremonies. You can prepare your playlist and share it with your D.J of the evening. For your sangeet ceremony, you can even hire some specialized musicians. The choice of music artist depends on your taste. You can either enjoy a ghazal night or pep up the evening with Bollywood songs. Again it is advised to sort out the best at your place. The best ones take their job seriously and add a vibe with their charm and talent.

13) Buy your wedding dress: To buy a wedding dress you need inspiration first. If you are clear in your head the kind of attire, you need you are sorted. Most of the brides and grooms mess up the things while choosing a wedding attire. Decide a place or a store from where you want to buy or rent your wedding dress. You can even do online research for the same. The wedding ensemble of the bride and groom truly reflects their personality. Many variations can be made with bridal attire. Over time the way film celebrities adorn the clothes play a deciding factor in finalizing wedding clothes: Anushka-Virats or Deepveers wedding influences most of the couples. Brides can even customize their wedding lehengas. It depends entirely on the choice of a couple how they want to look on their big day. These days boys and girls even colour coordinate their attires. Make sure you do not blend with the rest of the crowd. Make a seamless choice with your designer. Go for fittings at the right time to avoid last-minute aggravations. Combine your attire with the superlative accessories.

You can get your amazing wedding dresses from Myntra, the pocket-friendly shopping app. It sells many designer outfits with free shipping and easy return policies.

14) Decide your makeup and hair artist: You need to schedule your appointment with the hair and makeup artist who understands your needs. The one should be in your budget too. Your make up should go with your wedding dress. Look for someone who elevates your beauty without making you look like someone else. Most of the beauty parlours offer you packages these days. You can choose the top one for yourself. Your make up artist will advise you to go through some beauty treatments so that your skin looks perfect on your big day. Brides have many options. HD makeup to airbrush makeup, there are many alternatives.

Grooms have limited choices. But they have full rights to look good enough besides their partner. Boys need to make sure that they do not get sidelined at their wedding. A good hairdo and makeup can do wonders. You can up your glam quotient by buying impeccable makeup products from Nykaa taking benefits of Nykaa coupons.

15) Exercise regularly and have a healthy diet: When you get yourself caught in the wedding preparations, you completely forget to take care of your health. Take proper sleep and stick to a healthy diet a few months before your wedding. Follow a strict regime. Practice yoga or any other form of exercise at least for 30 minutes daily. Your strict routine will ensure you healthy and glowing skin and perfect body on your big day. Drink plenty of water and avoid stress. Snack on healthy things like almonds,bananas while you are working.

16) Buy a ring for your partner: Getting a perfect wedding ring for your partner can be nerve-wracking. You should buy a ring that will match the taste of your partner.The ring is a mark of the heavenly union between the bride and groom. Just take a quick look at your funds. It will help you make the desired choice very quickly. When you visit a jewelry shop, you can have a quick look at the catalogue. You can then go through the designs and pick the finest.

17) Purchase your jewelry: Picking up the best jewellery that compliments your dresses can be a very challenging task. Every bride wants to dazzle on her wedding day. Jewellery adds elegance to your attire. While choosing your jewelry keep the following points in mind

  • Choose comfortable pieces
  • Buy your jewelry before your wedding dress
  • Choose your jewelry according to the occasion
  • Invest in the pieces that do not go out of fashion

You can buy some amazing stuff from TJORI.

18) Pick a decoration team: Depending on the venue, you can decide the kind of decoration you need at your functions. If your wedding venue has ceilings, they should be draped with beautiful curtains. If the place is open, you have many options to adorn it. The theme you are sticking on should be clear to the decorator too. The place should have stunning lights that illuminate the venue flawlessly. You should always go for low maintenance wedding decorations that are beautiful and impactful. Carpeting floors also prettify things. From elegant chandeliers to decorative flower frames, personalized photo booths to rustic centrepieces, you have many transformation ideas.

The decoration team should be professional enough. They should be highly efficient, as well as ambitious. This way, you can add a unique spin to your wedding décor.

19) Buy or rent additional supplies: You may also need many additional supplies at your wedding and other functions. You can rent table decorations, hanging lights, streamers, and wine glasses. For this, you have to check your requirements list with your venue staff if they can supply you the same.

20) Arrange thank you gifts for your guests: Planning a wedding is not an effort by a single person. its a joint effort of your parents, your bridesmaid, your groomsman, and your relatives. There are plenty of other people who contribute to making your big day a success. Showing thankfulness and gratitude to these special people in our life is always worth appreciation. You can thank these people with small wedding gifts. A gift basket with exciting goodies that comes within your budget can be a possibility. You can also give thank you cards with sweet boxes. The gifts need not be expensive. When you buy or customize anything for anyone, the thought behind it should be conveyed clearly to your family and friends. You can buy exciting gifts using coupons from Send Best Gifts, an app that delivers smiles at your doorstep.

21) Plan your honeymoon: Your honeymoon should be a trip of your lifetime. After all, it is the first long and exotic trip that you make with your partner. Be clear with your partner about the destination. It could be an island, a foreign nation or a beautiful place in your country itself. A good travel agent can help you figure out things properly.

The honeymoon budget should always be kept aside when you plan the budget for an entire wedding. The bookings should be made before avoiding any inconvenience. Your passports should be intact. You can also avail MakeMyTrip coupons for exhilarating offers.

22) Register your marriage: Every couple should be well educated to register their should contact Sub Divisional magistrate who has jurisdiction in your area. When you go to register your marriage, you should carry

  • Application signed by husband and wife
  • Ration card of husband or wife
  • Passport size photographs
  • Matric certificate/passport/Birth Certificate
  • Marriage invitation card
  • Affidavit of place and date of marriage
  • Certification of the priest in case you had your marriage at a religious place

Planning various wedding functions can indeed be a very difficult task. A little intelligence and a lot of patience will help you do the things without running out of budget. It is always recommended to keep a backup plan in case some of your ideas fail to execute. Do take a brief look at this small list of Do’s and Dont’s

  • Always stay allied with your partner. This the first challenge a couple faces before marriage.
  • Try to keep everyone happy. A marriage is a union of two families. It’s always beneficial to do what your elders say.
  • Always pick your outfit according to the ceremonies. Avoid the colours that your elders don’t approve of.
  • Try to create balance among the choices you make. Don’t mix things. Messing up things can prove to be frenzied.
  • A wedding can be a financial nightmare. Try to remain in budget. Cheaper items can do the same wonders as costly ones. Use brains not money. Work intelligently.
  • Don’t take pressure on yourself. Share responsibilities and let everyone do their part. Stay calm and composed. The mind functions better when you are cool.
  • Work with the right strategy and set of right people. Wedding preparations can be traumatic, but they can become a smooth sail if you keep your confidants with you.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your own wedding. There are many last-minute troubles. Don’t hassle and enjoy it.

With this amazing and detailed guide, now you wont face any hassels while planning a wedding. With proper planning you will be able to do the task seamlessly.

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