Adopt these Health Resolutions for an Active Upcoming year!

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2019 is round the corner and all of us are waiting for the new year to come up to meet and greet our near and dear ones, party hard and all night and gauge on some really amazing delectable food. But with this new year coming, come hell lot of new resolutions too which a few portion of the world follows while for other part, it is just something they said in the excitement of new year with nothing more than that.

Many of us resolute to spend more quality time with family while others say that they would be more productive at work. While for many, Health resolution has become a fad with lot and lot of people taking health pledges at the beginning of the year to not follow in the later part of the year. Partying hard on the last day of the year with swollen eyes and hangover the very next day, that is, the first day of the year is what most of us experience. But think that would start on the resolution from “tomorrow”, when this tomorrow doesn’t come ever. You can only stand on to your resolution when you start following it from the last day of the previous year itself, so that you enter into a healthy routine the very first day of the new and blissful year.

If you are reading this and are thinking what all Health resolutions you can take up before you kick start with 2019 or the upcoming years, then you have landed at the right place as we’re gonna tell you some of the possible health resolutions you might think of adopting if can’t zero on one.

So without any further adieu, let’s get started:

1. “I pledge to have meals in definite proportions

Yes, this might sound a bit obscure but helps a lot. If you are someone who is thinking of losing weight this year then this is something which you surely need to adopt because in the process of weight loss, it is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Eating in definite proportions means that instead of going for 2 or less heavy meals, go for 4 or more light meals per day with definite proportions of veggies and salads (50%), proteins (25%) and carbs (25%). This will help you with a balanced meal and will also let you eat in between without you going for those fatty snacks.

2. “I pledge to control my drinking habits

Yes, we aren’t saying that if you drink, so curb it completely. Instead go in moderation and drink once in a while instead of making it a habit. Drinking a few drinks in moderation can actually bring wonders like tequila, champagne, red wine, rum, whiskey and Rosé. These are not something which you would harm you if drank in moderation because they help in lot of health issues like stopping high spikes of insulin, reduction in anxiety, even weight loss and a lot more.

Note: This is meant for those who love to drink and are frequent party goers. If you don’t drink, well and good. It is not to provoke you to drink. Skip this point and go ahead!

3. “I pledge to not take stress much

Stay Away From Stress

To not take stress is something which you must have read here and there but we are not talking about that. Taking too much of stress is harmful for health, but a moderate level of it which you can master actually helps as it releases those hormones which make your brain function better  and help you improve both mentally and physically to combat future stress. And as is the saying,

“In moderation, whatever does not kills us may indeed make us stronger.”  

Put yourself in situations wherein there is some kind of stress and see the results, you would think out of the box and perform well.

Note: Stress in moderation is good for health, not in excess as that has adverse effects. If you don’t take stress at all, then its superb. This is not then something which is meant for you 😉

4. “I pledge to spend more quality time with your family

Why talk about physical health only and not mental health? Both are equally important and thus need to be addressed separately. Our mental health is greatly affected by how happy we are, whether it be with our work, our friends or our family. But amidst finding happiness, we often tend to not spend quality time with our family to celebrate that happiness. So we all should pledge to spend some great quality time with them and make memories to cherish them later.

5. “ I pledge to motivate others health-ily

Yes, this might not benefit directly but indirectly for sure. If you are someone who has taken a resolution to be healthy, then do spread a word about that among others who you feel too should take their first step towards it. This will help you both mentally and physically. Mentally in the sense that you would be delighted to see people around you working out, adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking their part of steps towards an active life. And physically in the sense that this will motivate you to work harder towards achieving  your goal as you would have been the source for the change.

And we are here, towards the end of this blog and also towards the end of the year 2019 too ☺. Take a step ahead and commit towards being around healthy you because a healthy you means a happy you!
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