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Finally, the time of the year has arrived that most of the Indians await for. After all, we are talking about the festival of lights DEEPAWALI’ also known as ‘Diwali’. This festival of lights has it’s own vibe & magic. It’s a blooming time for most, but a boom for those suffering from health issues as the pollution in the air caused due to the bursting of crackers is harmful toxic in the environment.

To the surprise, the most happening thing that makes people most crazy, about this festival is the amount of schemes & offers it showcases. People all over India, get ready with their shopping requirement & start making their list to jot down their favorite fashion items & accessories.

The public or as we say the customers have so much variety of selections & options to choose from, their mind-state sometimes gets hay-wired, they are like – What should I buy? Should – I buy this or should I buy that? Will this look good on me? WOW! This is really cheap, will it be a good quality? Customers get to choose from large varieties & selections of – Home Decor, Appliances, Jewelry & coins, Devotional statues, Gifts, Fashion, etc.

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Whenever any new festival arises, along with it new offers & schemes pop’s up in every of your favorite outlet, whether it is a food-joint or a fashion brand; whether it is an entertainment sector or a spa – everywhere you go.. you come across tons of Advertisements on hoardings, billboards, malls promoting various kinds of brands & discounts that different brands offer. You may come across discount such as hurry 70% Off (limited period only), buy 1 – get 1 free, buy 4 – get 2 free & if we consider today’s modern period trends & discount strategies.. we may come across offers such as – Buy right now & avail 20 % cash-back, refer this code to a friend & earn goody vouchers (limited period offer). Nowadays a lot of brands are competitive, each brand showcasing it’s discount to its limit. But some people hardly care, what brand they are buying off! until it’s on discount.

People just want to grab the offers as soon as they cross them, as they don’t want to leave even a single opportunity to grab those items, which are on ‘Sale’. Customers sometimes would even buy unnecessary items, which they don’t even require just because it’s on !! SALE !! People’s only Agenda is to grab every schemes, every offers, every discounted item before anyone else, they just want to grab every deal & be like – yeah! I saved myself a lot of money today & I’m proud of myself. Sometimes, few people grab all the deals as they get to feel superior amongst their friends or sometimes act in such a way, that gives the people around them a feeling of jealousy.

As soon as the festival of light arrives, all the people in India strive to buy new products, new appliances, new clothes to trend. They want to have the best fashion & the most updated décor & electronics as they are flooded with scheme’s & offers to call out to them – Buy me!, Rent me!, Subscribe me!

Nowadays, in this modern era Customers mostly prefer online e-retail shopping as it gives them an opportunity to sit comfortably in their home without the need to move their feet & go outside and shop. But, there are still people who prefer to go explore the market, feel & experience the products in reality. They explore all kinds of items & products such as – Home Decor, Appliances, Jewelry & coins, Devotional statues, gifts, fashion, etc. Still, there is & will always be a competition between e-retail sites & wholesale – retail shops. The festival shopping requirement of people goes on increasing year-by-year, but it differs in different customs & different kinds of households. Some households have a different shopping requirement each year whereas, some households have the same shopping list requirement each year & there are few households who don’t buy new stuff each year & keep using the same old decor & appliances each year mainly due to their economic issues.

Big brands & corporate industries roll out their discount offers & schemes on big, mass media platforms such as – Television, radios, newspapers, magazines, social media sites, e-retail sites. According to these brands & market research mass-media is their biggest source of brand promotion & a big platform to showcase their offers & its true mass media is promoting brand sale to a whole new level.

But, media influences people especially youngsters in their day-to-day lives, youngsters tend to follow trends, fashions & news on different kinds of media platform, so it’s our (media) duty to show the right content in the right manner & shouldn’t show or claim false statements & lead the viewers & readers to a wrong direction. Mass media as mentioned above is the biggest platform to promote the sale of brands & it’s product, so it is very necessary for both the buyers & sellers to respect it wisely & not to abuse its value.

As the public & mainly as the customers of their brand & as a customer of the variety of home decor, Appliances, jewellery & coins, Devotional statues, gifts, Fashion & so on.. we should buy the items which we really require off & not all the items mentioned with a discount tag. Festival offers are mainly for the customers & our mission is to make the people’s festival more bright & cheerful.

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