laptop and computer

A computer is an electronic device which is capable to receive information (data) as input and give result as output.a computer is a great invention for the modern is easily store large data.It is a very reliable device which we can easily carry with us and use anywhere and anytime. It allows us to make changes in the already stored data.It is used in offices, banks, educational institutions,homes etc.It has reduced the man effort in the offices means it gives high level of work output in very small time, less effort, low manpower, etc. Nowaday’s, it has become hard to imagine our lives without computer. We can use internet in the computer which gives us lots of required information on any subject in very less time.we easily saved large data like information, study materials, projects, photos, images, video, audio, songs, clips, games, and many also solved big or small mathematical calculations very easily. It is used to forecast the information about weather, in printing books, newspapers, diagnosing diseases, etc and It is used to make online railway reservations, ticket booking, hotel or restaurant booking from any place all over the world. It is used by MNC companies for the accounting purpose, invoicing, payrolls, stock control, etc.Apkaabazar have a wide range or top brands like Dell,Lenevo,Hp,Apple, Asus,acer etc .we have also computers accessories like printers mouse laptop bag,pen drive, harddisk etc through top stores like amazon Flipkart,shopclues,etc.