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With Asia Cup just around the corner, it’s time for us cheer out for our Team India. After a disappointing performance against England in the recent series, Team India needs to get all game on to boost up the position in the International rankings.

So much speculation and news have already spiced up our excitement. With Captain King Kohli deciding to rest during this Asia Cup, made this tournament all the more exhilarating. It will be great to see how Hitman Rohit Sharma will decide to lead the team towards the win!

It’s not easy to get into Team X1 with so many fitness criteria’s now taking its place, selection strategy has become quite stringent in terms of fitness and health.

Clearly, no matter whatever you do, or where you go being fit has really become a source of prime importance.

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Health and medicine

Get attractive discounts on Bp machine, glucose monitoring machines which are quite easy to use and easier to buy. You will get the good price on multivitamins, proteins and muscle relaxants too. If you are looking for something which is not easily available you much check out our site, we thrive to cater to all the possible problems. From having the range of Food supplements, capsules from healthkart and different Himalyan products too.

You will get everything you might require in your daily life just under one category without scrolling through different websites and portals.

Sports have really become an integral part of India’s culture. Thank for raising awareness, it’s not just cricket stealing the limelight, India has witnessed too many proud moments in recent Asian Games too. Unknown names became known; so many dreams came true, but let’s not forget their dream to represent India internationally came true because they gained that courage to dream big!

We have come down to this phase where we don’t have to struggle to be an example, all we need to do is gather that courage to dream big and follow what inspires you. Don’t be afraid to look up to P.V Sindhu and aspire to be her.

Nothing feels greater than the feeling of making your country proud! When you really look forward to it you tend to see so many people directly or indirectly encouraging you for the same.


At any time in your life when you feel, why did you leave playing Badminton or Table Tennis while you were so good at it, Take out your phone and order your sports equipments again, because when Hima Das won gold, a moment she will remember forever, she did not bring work and no time as an excuse to hinder her dreams.

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Get those exclusive offers on mountain bikes and cycles too, you will be thrilled with Aurion punching bag bumper offer, and if you are a fan of weights do not forget to check out home gym kit of weights by Power online series.

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Every one of us must not forget to contribute their bit in terms of encouraging any kind of sports and fitness. And get ready as Asia Cup is starting 15th September, We wish Team India all the best for the tournament! GO INDIA GO!

Asia Cup🏆 Schedule Announced


Group A: India, Pakistan, Qualifier

Group B: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan

Qualifier to be chosen from: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, Singapore, UAE

15/9/18: BAN vs SL (Dubai)

16/9/18: PAK vs Qualifier (Dubai)

17/9/18: SL vs AFG (Abu Dhabi)

18/9/18: IND vs Qualifier (Dubai)

19/9/18: IND vs PAK (Dubai)

20/9/18: BAN vs AFG (Abu Dhabi)

Top 2 teams in each group go to Super 4 stage.

21/9/18: Group A Winner v Group B Runner-up (Dubai)

21/9/18: Group B Winner v Group A Runner-up (Abu Dhabi)

23/9/18: Group A Winner v Group A Runner-up (Dubai)

23/9/18: Group B Winner v Group B Runner-up (Abu Dhabi)

25/9/18: Group A Winner v Group B Winner (Dubai)

26/9/18: Group A Runner-up v Group B Runner-up (Abu Dhabi)

28/9/18: FINAL🏆

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As we all know that the world is witnessing one of the biggest Sports events in the world. Yes, we are talking about the “FIFA WORLD CUP2018”. Having an audience of more than 3.2 billion viewers is enough to show the kind of fan base football is having worldwide.

Being one of the biggest fan base and following. It won’t be Wrong if we say that its “More than just a game”. This world cup has been really surprising and Full of Twist. There are has been the twist and surprising dismissal at every instance in this world cup.

Whether we take the knockout of the defending champions from the Group stage. Or seeing legends like Cristino Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in tears after the knockout of Portugal and Argentina from the world cup. This world cup has also given many new champions.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 offersThis world we have seen a great side of Kane with England. England performance during the world cup has been stunning and thus they are one of the biggest contenders for becoming Champions. Their performance has been so brilliant that there has been famous Quote by their fans which say “Its Coming Home”.

World cup 2018 has also been a Stunning for the home side Russia. Being continues performer during the games with the brilliant support of the home side Russia. The team has been able to make through the Quarterfinals of the world cup by beating the 2010 Champions Spain in the Group Knockout Stage.

The world cup 2018 has been rated as one of the most Unexpected and Thrilling world cups of all time by many famous football websites and newspapers. It has been really an amazing for football fans worldwide. Thus this world cup has been really interesting and thrilling for a football fans.

This world cup has also come with many amazing and interesting discount offers on some of the famous online brands. This football fever season we are offering an best discount offers on your favorite football products. Here are some of the list of Super-deal offers for football fans.


Football WORLD CUPFootball is a kind of sport which cannot be defined by the ball. The ball is one of the most vital parts of the game and thus the quality and brand of the ball really matter in the game. This world cup 2018 there are specially designed ball by Adidas for different stages of the tournaments.

Most of the football fans are in search of the better or best quality of material in football but most of the time when football fans get the quality of football. The budget for that ball seems a lot higher than expected. Thus most of the football fans end up in purchasing low-quality footballs.

But what if I tell you that you can the best quality of footballs with the best discount offers. Seems likes a dream come true?. Well, we are offering football with more than 50 % off for a limited period of time. So its time make your feet dribble down the Desired Branded football in your pocket-friendly budget.

fifa world cup

Football Shoes Offers

In football, a player is defined by his kind of talent and skill set but a player become complete when he is having the quality of shoes on his foot. In football, the quality of shoes matters a lot during the game.

Football shoes help in providing comfort grip and acceleration to the player even in harsh conditions. Thus quality football shoes are something that every footballer desires but as we say that quality comes with some price.

Thus football shoes are normally expensive but it World cup 2018. The world is going around the football fever and thus we are offering a great discount on the range of football shoes.

So if you are willing to buy new football shoes. Then you would be amazed to seem the best discount offers on the football shoes offered this World cup 2018. Grab up to 50% off on your favorite football shoes.

So what you are waiting for grab the amazing deal on football shoes.

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