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Everyone loves shopping but along with that, you also don’t want to break your bank so a good deal and offer is IDEAL for all shoppers out there. When you are shopping online, prices keep fluctuating all the time so it’s always advisable to keep an eye on the products you have in your wish list time to time so that whenever you get a deal or offer for that, you don’t miss it. We can understand the pain of purchasing something really expensive and then knowing that you could have waited for a little to get it on discount. So, if you don’t want any such regrets in your life then keep reading as we are listing out some amazing jaw-dropping deals for you which you should not miss at any cost.

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Extra 1000 off on Exchanging Mobiles: For all the gadget freaks out there, if you were planning to buy a new phone by getting your old one replaced then this is the ideal time to do so. Flipkart is having a super awesome deal where you can get your phone exchanged on discounts and you can also avail 1000 extra off. Bag this deal ASAP if you are planning to get your hands on some super awesome latest technology smartphone and get rid of your old phone.

Valentine’s Day Deals and Offers: The day of love is around the corner and if you have a tight budget then buying a gift for your loved ones will be tough as we all know that most stores increase the price during this season. However, we have some awesome deals and offers for you which will help you save your money without any compromises. On Flipkart, the gift sets are starting from Rs 99 along with fast and free shipping. You can select from wide variety of options like teddy sets, roses, mug sets, flowers, cushion gift sets, customized cards and many other romantic things. If your girlfriend is jewellery freak then you can check out Amazon Valentine’s Day deals where you can get pearl necklaces sets at Rs 199 which is a steal at this price. Also, you can get gold plated jewellery under Rs 999 which is ideal if you are planning to purpose your other half. And if you want to gift something interesting to your girlfriend then you can give a facial kit which is at 69% off right now.

The facial kits is coming from the brand Nutriglow which is one of the best brands for facial products and trust us, your girlfriend or wife is going to love you for that. You can buy this Nutriglow Facial kit for Rs 399 through Amazon. Not just this, if you pay via wallets or from specific banks you will get additional Cashbacks, now who wants to miss such amazing deals?

Baby Care deals: If there is a new member in your family and all your expenses have gone really high then don’t worry as Amazon baby care deals are for you. You can buy baby care products from their site at huge discounts which are upto 85% which is a great deal considering baby products are pretty expensive nowadays. You can get baby wipes, baby care complete kits, hair oils, massage oils, shoes, socks, clothing items, diapers and lot many things at discounted prices. The best thing is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality as all the products are from top-brands which you can blindly trust for your baby. You can also avail 40 to 70% discount on baby clothes and also you can get cute socks/shoes which will attract your kid a lot. Go and checkout all the offers on Amazon and avail them before it’s too late.

Paytm Deals and Offers: Everyone is going cashless these days not because of the long queues in the ATM but because of cashback deals you get while making payments through wallets. If you are a paytm user then you must avail all the on-going cashback deals they are having currently. If you love eating outside then you can order food through zomato, burger king, CCD, groffers and get upto 50% cashback when paying through paytm. Yes, you read it right and it’s an amazing deal for all the foodie’s out there. Also, if you are booking your flight tickets or bus tickets, you can get jaw-dropping deals and cashback offers which will make your travel experience even more exciting.

While riding through Uber and Meru cabs, pay via Paytm wallet and you can get a flat cashback deal which is ideal for frequent users.

Pepperfry Offers and Deals: Your house reveals a lot of things about your personality so it’s really important to design and decorate your home so that it speaks for itself. Pepperfry is the perfect place to shop for all your household deals and now that pepperfry WTF offer is here you should definitely check it out. This deal basically will have all the inexpensive and highly discounted products displayed every day at 11 am daily which is pretty amazing as you will not have to browse through the entire website for discounted products. Niot just this, there are some other deals as well like wonder spin mop for just RS. 712 which means you will get 76% discount, now who wants to miss it? Then you have set of four towels for just Rs 125 and the brand from which it is coming is amazing and top-rated. There are some other deals as well which will excite you a lot.

Sherlock Homes at 50% Off: “Reading is dreaming with open eyes” and if you are a dreamer and love reading books especially those which are entertaining and investigating types then this deal is best for you. Amazon is offering the complete set of Sherlock homes novels at half price i.e. 50% off. Not just this, if you pay online through wallets you can get additional cashback offers, what else you need? Order it now and get an amazing tour of the detective entertaining world.

T-Shirt at upto 70% Off: Getting good t-shirts at an inexpensive price is quite tough these days because if the price is cheap chances are that the quality will also be cheap. But with deals and offers on T-shirts, you can be assured that the product you are getting is of not cheap quality and brand. Now, you can get branded T-shirts at amazing deals and offers where you can avail up to 70% discount. You can get a set of two t-shirts at just Rs 474 that is 76% off from the brand TSX which is known for its quality. You can also steal the deal with pepe jeans shirt at up to 40% off which is again a great bargain for the price. You can also check out combo deals for husband-wife, girlfriend/ boyfriend at amazing discounts which can be a great gifting option as well for the coming valentine day.

NIKE shoes at 50% off on Flipkart: If you are a sports person and even if you are not, good shoes is something we all want. And when it comes to buying shoes- Nike is the first choice for most of us for the quality they give and the affordable price tags. You can never question the quality Nike will offer and that is why it is one of the most preferred shoe brands. Now, you can get up to 50% discount on NIKE shoes on Flipkart. Yes, you read it right-50% off on Nike shoes is something everyone wishes to have. You can select from tons of products and pick the best one for you. The quality is best and it’s the completely genuine product. Not just this, you will get free shipping and also some additional discounts if you select any of the bank offers.

Healthvit Biotino Capsules at 32% Off: Biotin is extremely important for your skin and with today’s food you don’t get all required vitamins that’s why consuming capsules is a great option. If you want one thing for your skin, hair and nails then it is undoubtedly biotin capsules. Amazon is having an offer where you can get the pack of 3 biotin capsules at 32% off which is a steal as it will work multipurpose for your beauty. The pack of 3 is enough for two months and you will start seeing the results which will encourage you to have it even more. So, stock it up fast before the deal ends and get all your skin and hair related problems solved.

All the above deals are active now and you don’t have to wait for any festive season to purchase them. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favourites.

Branded First Copy Store

Gucci, Michael Kors, Coach, Diesel, Fossil, Armani, Pepe, Lee, Lacoste and Testoni etc. Do these mean anything to you? Well if they do, then be assured you are a true fashion freak. These branded items almost cost a fortune and can be owned only by people with a lot of moolah. If you have ever dreamt of owning them, but were never able to shell out enough money, do not worry. We bring you all these international brands within your budget as first copy replicas.

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We have a huge a collection of all the first copy replicas of branded items in all categories including shoes, jeans, watches, Shirts, bags, t-shirts, sunglasses, handbags and so much more. What is more is that you get to sport these branded products and replicate the celebrity look without burning a hole in your pocket. It is a complete win-win for you, where you get best of first quality international branded products at a shoestring budget.

Why you should choose Branded First Copy Store?

There are a number people selling branded, non-branded and replica products, sometimes it becomes so confusing and difficult to decide which one is the best. We are the best in what we do, but don’t go by our words, read on to know why we are the best and then decide for yourself.

Great designs

The international designer labels belongs to or are works of famous designers and there are no two ways that these designs are the best in the industry. These are the designs that the celebrities sport in their party looks, airport looks, gym looks and date looks. Though we all as common people cannot afford them in original we can at least make ourselves happy with first copy replicas from the Branded First Copy Store.

Unbeatable Prices

At Branded First Copy Store we not only get you all the first quality international brands of clothing and accessories but what is more important is that we get you these things at less than 1/10 th of its original price. If that does not sound inviting enough we get you the same designs in colours of your choice too. Now it can’t get more irresistible than this, can it?

Quality Guarantee

Quality is our main motto. There are many other sellers in this are who sell second quality, third quality or even the design copy products stating they are just like originals. But never us. We always give you the first quality product which passes through many quality checks before being brought to you. So you can be sure what you get is best quality and without any defects. We market only the quality we sell, nothing more and nothing less.

Humongous collection

You will be awed by the collection we have. Not in one but all the products be it shoes, jeans, watches, Shirts, bags, t-shirts, sunglasses or handbags. If you can think of an international branded product, you can find it with us. What is more is that we keep updating our inventory so frequently that each time you visit us, you will have many more new collections added. So you have so many new things to choose from each time and every time.

Positive Customer Feedback

Customer feedbacks are the most trusted way of finding the authenticity of any online or offline store. We are proud to have so many happy customers who always come back to us for more. This is enough to let you know about the quality of our products as well as the customer support we provide to them. Most of our not only revisit us for collections but also bring along their family and friends. We have grown more because of word of mouth publicity than anything else. You have to try it to believe it and we assure you that we will not let you down.

Why you should choose online shopping?

With the advent of technology, life is made easier every day. Most of our things are getting simplified. Shopping is no exception. There are so many online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc, whose user base is increasing exponentially, which basically means more and more people are switching to online sites for their day to day shopping needs. Let us have a look at why this online shopping is winning:

Ease of shopping

First and foremost, the ease of shopping. You don’t even have to step out of the house. Online shopping allows you to buy everything from the comfort of your home. Everything from groceries, electronics, and furniture to clothes is delivered right at your doorstep with just a few clicks. If you can do all this from your home, then why would someone want to go out in the sun?

Ease of choosing

When it comes to online shopping choosing a product is so much easier than going to a shop and seeing it. Online you get to see the images of the products from different angles and in case of clothing you can also see it with model pictures which makes it so easy to understand how the actual product will be. There are chances when you go directly to a shop you may not get a chance to see the product in as many angels as in online pictures. It is also easier for the shopkeepers, as they do not need to show people one by one, pictures once taken are enough.

Larger Selection

Can you even imagine the number of products available online? Only a fraction of these will be available in stores. Products in all shapes, sizes, prices and colours to suit your need and your budget. With so many choices at your disposal and being delivered right at your doorstep, you will never even think about going to the shops again. This is really very addictive once you get started.

Return and exchange available

If you do not like the product you like, so the size does not suit you there in anything to worry, most sites have easy return and refund policies just for this. Your money is always safe, you can return what you don’t like. Sometimes, you may not like the color and or even the product may get damaged during transit, even in these cases you can get your complete money back or you can ask for a replacement with a good product too.

Better deals and offers

Now, this is the best part of online shopping. There are so many deals and offers with each product. Sometimes there are offers related to the payment medium chosen like 10% using PayTM etc. So you end paying less than the price in shops for the same product when bought online. This is true for almost all products.

So when you a product with the same quality at a lesser price from the comfort of your homes, why would anyone want to take the pain of getting ready, going out and doing the purchase. This is the reason why these online marketplaces are thriving so much.

Why choose Apkaabazar?

Apkaabazar in an online portal which brings to you the best offer and deals from different vendors under one roof. It makes it so much easy to find all the eligible deals and offers at the same place and decide which one would be best suited to the customer.

Best Offers

Apkaabazar brings you all the new offers instantly through the website. Each vendor like Branded First Copy Store has a separate page where all the offers from the vendor are displayed. This makes it easier for the customers planning to buy something from this store to check out on all offers given by the chosen vendor.

Best Deals

As mentioned earlier, sometimes there are deals and offers which are based on the payment medium chosen or if the cart value exceeds a certain amount. As customers, you may not be aware of these. Apkaabazar brings in all these deals under one roof. So deals like 10% off on PayTM, Rs. 150 cash back on PhonePe or even 15% cashback on purchase of over Rs. 2000 are the kind of offers the customers miss out on. Not anymore. Apkaabazar at your rescue.

All in one place

The best thing about Apkaabazar is not only the offers and deals but also the fact that all these deals and offers from different vendors and clubbed together at one place. You need not go 10 different sites to find out the best offer suited for your every purchase, you get everything right here at Apkaabazar.

So next time you do any purchase online, make it point to check on Apkaabazar for the best offers and deals available. We help you save not only time and energy but most importantly money. We bring every deal and offer available right at your fingertip. Choose wisely, save nicely.