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Why Use Amazon Pay Coupons through Apkaabazar?

Amazon Pay is an online payment service developed by Google. It is a digital wallet platform which enables you to make financial transactions easily and safely. Amazon Pay also offers several deals and discounts, promo codes, Amazon Pay coupons, and other promotional offers. By availing Amazon Pay coupons and offers, you can save a lot.
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Hot deals like cashback offer on Bus services; Amazon Pay offers such as up to Rs 12000 off on international trips via renowned travel aggregator websites, and flat 20 off on different transactions through Amazon pay are exciting. Avail the incredible services of Amazon Pay by logging into the Amazon Pay app in your portable devices.

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About Amazon Pay – What It Offers?

Amazon Pay is an online payment service. It allows you to use the payment methods already associated with your Amazon account. It can be used for making payments of goods and services on third party websites, for making donations and using Alexa. Amazon Pay has headquartered in Seattle, Washington United States. It was formed in the year 2007. Since then, it has undergone several changes.

Every day it has become better with its online payment processes. Amazon Pay is a sister concern. The consumer base of Amazon Pay is It claims to spread its operations across the globe. Not only in India, but Amazon Pay also operates in Austria, Italy, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, etc.

Amazon orders can be viewed with Amazon pay. On reaching the Amazon pay website, you need to log in the Amazon account. The account page shows the transactions made. To view a particular transaction, you need to click on the desired link.

If you click the Details option, you will be able to see the transaction ID and mode of payment used for the transaction. You can even choose to cancel an order by referring to the canceling payments option.

How to Avail Amazon Pay Services?

You need to follow some easy steps to install and thereby use the services rendered by the Amazon Pay app. In the beginning, ensure that the device you are going to install the app is an Android device. Then download the Amazon Pay app from the App Store.

As the app gets installed, you need to sign in using your Amazon account details. After that, you can complete the purchase procedure. You need to update your browser settings. With Amazon account, you can shop on different on Amazon websites and in apps which accept payments via Amazon Pay.

What is the cost of Availing Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay charges according to the transactions that have been made. The Amazon Pay fees have processing as well as authorization components. It undergoes a domestic processing fee and an authorization fee. The domestic fee is charged around 2.9%. On the completion of the entire procedure, the authorization fee includes charges added to a tax.

Latest Updates and News about Amazon Pay

Amazon Teamed with Amazon Pay Turns into a Super App: Amazon now offers flight ticket booking on its platform. It has additional cashback offer for both prime and nonprime customers. This initiative has been possible due to its collaboration with ClearTrip, an online travel aggregator. It can be availed through Amazon pay.

Amazon Pay Voice Payments Become Phenomenal: While speaking to a representative of CNBC at the conference in Amsterdam, the Vice President of Amazon pay declared that now onwards Amazon voice payments will be functional. This will be brought about by the fastest-growing smart speaker technology.

Few Top Search Cities Where Google Pay Can Be Availed

Amazon Pay spreads its operations in all the major Indian tier1, tier2, and tier 3 cities. Here is a list of some of the top search cities where Amazon Pay services can be availed –

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Chandigarh
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Ahmadabad
  • Mumbai
  • Dehradun
  • Indore
  • Jaipur
  • Guwahati
  • Kanpur
  • Kochi
  • Ludhiana
  • Mysore
  • Nagpur
  • Lucknow
  • Nashik
  • Noida
  • Pune
  • Surat
  • Pondicherry
  • Vijayawada
  • Vizag
  • Vadodara

Social Media Links Of Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay, with its functionalities, has formed a large online market and has developed a considerable fan base on different social media platforms. The various social media networks where Amazon Pay has noteworthy followers are:

• Facebook – There are almost 10K followers of Amazon Pay on Facebook

• Twitter – There are a total of 28.4K followers of Amazon Pay on Twitter.