Power Bank

Power Bank

The bank is something where you can store or deposit anything. Use of word bank is used in many categories, but its origin is from that banks where people deposit or save their money. Here power bank refers to the device typically a battery used for storage of energy so that it can be used to recharge the secondary battery by giving an electric current to it forcefully.

Smartphones have become the basic need of today’s world and we cannot think even a day without the smartphone. Smartphones provide us with a variety of features using which we perform our day to day activities. Due to the large usage of smartphone devices we degrade its recharged battery in few hours and sometimes we are not near the power supply and then power bank comes into play.

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Power bank has also seen many generations and types, few of which are mentioned below…

 Battery operated power banks: Initially, the power bank which came into the market was the one in which power source used was batteries which were inserted into the device and through which phones were charged. These were typically used in the times when the phones needed very less charging mostly the keypad or resistive touch phones were charged from these power bank devices. These power banks were carried during traveling and were less common that days.

 Chargeable Power banks: These are the power banks which are in great demand nowadays. These power banks have a high mAh battery and if charged completely can help to charge your smartphones maximum up to 3 times, it also depends upon the power bank ratings. These power banks are charged in a similar fashion as the smartphones are charged by using chargers. Power banks have different outputs and usually use USB ports to give outputs.

 Solar Power Banks: These are the recently developed power banks which are charged with the help of solar power that is we have to just keep it in sunlight and it gets charged up. After that, we can use this power to charge our smartphones batteries similarly by using USB output ports. These power banks are little larger in size as they have a screen or plate kind of structure generally called p-n junction on which the sun rays impinge and sunlight is converted into electrical energy which is stored in batteries. A special feature of this is that while traveling you can just lock it with the outer side of your backpack and it gets charged on its own and can be used when needed.

Benefits of power banks:

Power banks have many benefits, some of which are listed below…

 While traveling out from your native place where there is no availability of sockets, power bank can be used to charge your phone as we all know that without a smartphone, we tend to delay our important calls and messages.

 Power banks are not only meant to charge the smartphones but you can recharge any device which supports USB charging. These devices include our mp3 players, Bluetooth speakers, led torch etc.

 Power banks are portable and can be carried to any place. They can be even carried in pockets and bags.

 Power banks are usually provided with LED flashlights which can be in outdoor environments where there is an absence of light. So, it serves the purpose of the torch and you do not require extra torch and batteries, ultimately increasing your savings.

 Power banks also have LED indications showing the power left in the device. Some power banks even have LED Display showing the remaining power digitally along with temperature and time. This is the added benefit of this device.

 Power banks provide us multiple ports for charging our devices that is we can charge simultaneously 2 or even 3 devices. Just you require to have a USB cable to connect to these ports.

 For charging power banks there are provided with several connector ports. Generally, the micro USB connector is installed in most of the devices but some devices are provided with mini USB, USB-C, J-10 connectors. So, you as a user need to decide which device you have to choose according to your need and suitability.

Shopping Power banks Online:

Online shopping is like a boon nowadays as there are many benefits of shopping online a few of which are mentioned below…

 You get doorstep delivery at your residential place, so no worries of going to market.

 The Internet is a huge market and when you buy online you have a lot many choices to choose from be it brands, specifications, and designs.

 Buying online from famous websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal will give you the original products with their bills. You can claim warranty on these original products.

 There are many seasonal sales including festival seasons sale, new year sale and many more discounts available which give you the added benefits shopping online.